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Sep. 21st, 2017 10:56 pm
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You know ... I would not like to have Ivo Sharktooth angry with me.

Wednesday's story!

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:47 pm
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Happy birthday, Cheyenne! (And stay away from that onion vodka!)

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Sep. 18th, 2017 01:41 am
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Pirates! Blackmailers! Smugglers, brigands, and cutthroats! The pillars of the community!

Trick or Treat 2017 - Requests

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:00 am
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Dear Author:

Thank you so much for your graciousness in taking the time (and trouble) to write something for me. Giving so much of yourself to me is already a very precious gift, and I'm certain to enjoy whatever you write.

General likes:
Gen, friendship, time travel, hurt/comfort, fix-it fics, encounters with the supernatural or aliens (even in mundane fandoms), crossovers, angst, character backstory, world-building, what happened next, it was all a dream (or was it?), explorations into the psychology/motivations of a character, third person POV, action/adventure, mystery, drama in comedy fandoms, light-hearted humour in dramatic fandoms (neither of the last two are a deal breaker, though)

Shipping (unless specifically requested), character/ship bashing, US politics, preachiness, proselytising, rape, non-con, dub-con, BDSM, age-, blood- and/or breath-play, gore, cannibalism, incest, character death, watersports, scat, infidelity, slavery, extreme physical/psychological abuse, animal abuse, animal or human ritual sacrifice, mundane AUs (no coffeshops, high school, retirement home, etc), pregnancy of any type, children, child abuse, curtain fic, second-person POV, zombies or zombie apocalypse, post-apocalyptic world, PWP, humiliation, de-aging, depressing endings, soulmates/soul bonds, body/gender swap, A/B/O


#1 The Real Ghostbusters

This has always been one of my favorite fandoms. I love the world-building, and the way that the cartoon stood apart from the original film(s). The characters' interactions were wonderful, and I always thought that for a cartoon the characters were quite three-dimensional. And I'll admit to always having adored the Janine/Egon relationship, with all its ups and downs. Of course, the series lends itself quite easily to both the mundane aspects of city life (just where do you get the best Dim-Sum or are the RGBs going to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade), as well as the legends of hauntings throughout Manhattan (a quick Google search will turn those up). There's also the tale of the "dinosaurs" buried in Central Park that some pesky ghosts could possess and set loose on NYC (yes, I know it's been debunked, but I always thought "dinosaurs" buried in Central Park sounded like a lot of fun, and even went exploring for them with some friends when we were in elementary school).

Would love any, all, or a mix-and-match of the characters (and would especially love it if some Janine/Egon were to be slipped in -- but if you don't feel comfortable writing that pairing or there's no way to make it work for your fic, don't worry).

For this fandom, I have a few extra DNWs: Even though "The Real Ghostbusters" aired between 1986 and 1991, I have no problem with you setting your fic in the present day. However, if that's the case, I'd prefer no mentions of 9/11 or the World Trade Center (say, if you wanted to use that disaster as part of a "haunted Manhattan" scenario). Although "The Extreme Ghostbusters" (1997) was a continuation of the original series, I don't consider it part of RGB canon, and would prefer that it be ignored.

#2 Gilligan's Island

Okay, I admit it: this isn't exactly a series to raise the IQ or bring about world peace. But it's simply plain, old-fashioned fun that I find myself still laughing at, no matter how many times I've seen it in syndication. Surprisingly, there are quite a number of good fics for it on, which have been well-written and in a serious tone (the multiple tales relating to "The Hunter" episode, which itself is based on "The Most Dangerous Game" are worth checking out). I admit to being a MAP (Mary Ann/Professor) shipper myself, though I'm not expecting a ship fic about them (though, if you're so inclined I wouldn't be disappointed ;-).

As for what I'd like, a character piece about The Professor (my favourite character) would be nice. Or something covering the arguments between him and the extremely superstitious Skipper, especially as Halloween approaches on the island. Could the Professor be persuaded to believe in the possibility of a mischievous Pooka on the island (only seen by Gilligan à la Elwood P Dowd's friend, Harvey)? Will the Professor admit to himself that he has deep feelings for Mary Ann?

With only 300 words to work with, I wouldn't expect you to include all seven characters -- that's a lot to juggle. Feel free to pair them down to just The Professor, Mary Ann and/or Gilligan, or simply just one of these characters. (Don't know why, but for some reason Mrs Eunice Wentworth "Lovey" Howell and Ginger Grant didn't make it into the character list.)

For this fandom, I do have a few extra DNWs: Pinger (Professor/Ginger pairing), MAG (Mary Ann/Gilligan pairing), and casting Gilligan as a bumbling, incompetent buffoon. Yes, he's a klutz, but Gilligan is a lot smarter than he's given credit for, and yes there is canon evidence to support this.

#3 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Yes, I know that a lot of people think of this show as a cheesey monster-of-the-week type series. Surprisingly, though, the first and most of the second season are not -- they're actually well-written, often dark, quite serious, and contain very little of the cheesiness that the series would later become known for. (It helped that its first and most of its second season writers were William Reed Woodfield and Allan Balter -- who would both go on to write for and eventually become producers for Mission: Impossible. Even Harlan Ellison, under his alias Cordwainer Bird, wrote a first season episode.) Some of the best episodes of the first season include: Mutiny, Doomsday, The Invaders, The Saboteur, and The Enemies.

I'm especially a fan of those early black & white episodes, though I do enjoy some of the later cheese, too. My favourite characters have always been Commander Lee Crane, the Captain of the submarine, Seaview, and his Executive Officer Chip Morton (who's also got one of the nicest butts on TV). Lee Crane is one of those perfect characters: handsome, stoic, and a lightning rod for whump; he suffers so beautifully that my id is scratched watching him suffer.

So, any story with Lee Crane is like catnip for me: possessed by some evil alien; transmogrified into something no longer human; willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his crew or the world. I'd be in hurt/comfort paradise. Feel free to take the above as suggestions only, I'm open to anything you decide to write.

Although the series aired between 1964 and 1968, its timeline was set in the not-too-distant future; so I prefer tales set in the early 1980s, rather than present day (which a lot of fans seem to enjoy). And since it's SF-based, you can still play with technology being more advanced than what really existed at that time. Additionally, while it does seem to be a thing in a lot of fanon, for myself I don't see Lee Crane as having been abandoned by his parents and growing up as some kind of street urchin, until he somehow ends up at Annapolis.

#4 Hogan's Heroes*

While I know this fandom is not to a lot of people's tastes -- yeah, funny Nazis -- it actually has a lot more depth than most people give it credit for. Surprisingly, the roles of most of the main German characters were played by Jews -- several of whom actually did escape Nazi Germany and Austria -- and each depicted an archetype (and a future warning) of the personality types who would succumb to the rise of fascism: General Burkhalter ("My country, right or wrong"), Major Hochstetter (the petty little man who rises within the Gestapo to take out his hatred on others), Colonel Klink (the coward who knows there's something wrong within his country, yet keeps his head down in order to survive), and Sergeant Schultz (who, if he remains ignorant of the evil that's happening -- "I know nothing" -- then it's not actually occurring).

This was actually the first fandom I wrote fanfic for, before I'd ever heard the term used -- and boy was my writing atrocious! Yet, I've always had a special fondness for it. I love the dynamic between Colonel Hogan and his men, and the clash of personalities that sometimes happened among them. The series also may have been the earliest depiction of "dramedy" on television (Gene Reynolds, who would go on to fame as a creative consultant/producer for M*A*S*H, would get his start on Hogan's Heroes).

My favourite type of fic for this fandom tends to be introspective, especially on the part of Colonel Hogan. In some ways, he's a man alone behind enemy lines; he has no other officers with whom he can discuss the difficulties and danger of the escape and sabotage operation he's in charge of. Failure for him is not an option: it means people will die because of the decisions he makes. Of course, I also enjoy seeing his men balk at some of his wild schemes, while still being willing to support him despite the very real possibility they may be captured or killed. But I'm open to anything you may wish to write.

*Please note that this is the only fandom where my DNW of "US Politics" can be overlooked. It's kind of difficult to separate the US involvement in World War II from the global political climate at that time.

#5 Emergency!

What's not to love about this fandom? A couple of handsome paramedics; exciting and dramatic rescues; and just some plain fun and camaraderie among the men at Los Angeles County Fire Station 51. I actually took EMT and paramedic training in college because of this show, which definitely came in handy when my mom was dying of cancer; so I'll always hold a special place in my heart for it.

I am unquestioningly a fan of fireman/paramedic John Gage, who's a lot like Face (The A-Team) and Miles O'Brien (ST:DS9) in that he's definitely an intergalactic punching bag. If something's going to happen, it's likely Gage will take the brunt of it; yet, he comes through it all like a trouper. (Of course having the series set in the early- to mid-1970s certainly helped, since the re-set button could always be pressed from episode to episode.)

Anything focusing on Johnny specifically or the team of Gage and DeSoto will make me a very happy camper. And if there's hurt/comfort in there, all the better. I don't have any problem with delving into John's Native American background and the prejudices involved with that, as long as it's respected and he doesn't come off as "a magical Indian". While I don't think the series ever specified which Nation Johnny belonged to, most fanon (myself included) makes him half-Lakhota (Randolph Mantooth is actually half-Seminole).

A couple of specific DNWs for this fandom: I don't like the characterization of "goofy/ditzy Johnny" that sometimes happened in canon, especially with Chet "The Phantom" Kelly's interactions with him. So, I'd prefer that be avoided.


Since this is my first time doing a challenge, if I've not done something correctly or you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact the mods with any questions that they could forward to me. This makes me feel kind of greedy, but since it's listed in the header of the sign-up page, I figure that it's okay to add it: I'm certainly okay with any extra treats or unique ideas you might have, as long as my DNWs are respected.

I don't know if this is okay to do, but if you need to get an idea of who I am (since I'm basically an NNF with a very empty journal), you can check out my profile and fics at and -- while the profiles are the same, I have more fic posted on and a couple of different fics on AO3.

Wednesday's story

Sep. 13th, 2017 06:43 am
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The Court of Gears ... where people assault you just to be polite.

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Sep. 12th, 2017 11:13 pm
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 So, I'm thinking about the merits of staying in Wales vs. the merits of going home.

If I stay in Wales, I've got a good base set up, a familiarity with the city and I have friends - however, there's the case of finding a new job that may not necessarily be here, plus the fact that I really don't want to stay here long-term. There's also the fact that no matter how great it is being here, I'm having a lot of trouble shaking off my OCD and anxiety and have done for a long time. I've been having trouble coping and there's been a lot of time spent feeling depressed. I know there's the good stuff as well, the going out and the writing events and workshops but I have an anxiety association with this city as a result of the thoughts and feelings I've suffered during my downtime, that feeling of suffocation and being hemmed in and just generally not having a great quality of life at times; in fact, it's been rather limited. I'm tired of not having a proper home, for example and just living out of one room that's never quite felt like mine, no matter how much I decorate the bare walls with fandom posters. There were some very long, very bad days that bled into everything I love and they've almost set a precedent for the life I live here because it's like I expect to keep having days like that, and can't really stay happy for long. I know that's something I need to sort out and I really do think I need to be honest with myself and consider therapy. But I also hate being so far away from my family for what feels like no good reason, especially as the whole purpose of my being here - a job that I was really keen to do - is ending. I feel left behind if I stay here without it and it's not helped by the fact that so many of my friends from work are moving away. It just feels wrong to stay and I was actually in tears last night with the realisation of how much I want to leave.

If I go home however, it has to be a short-term thing. I know - we've been here before and I was in a bad place when I was living with Dad and Mum. But a lot of that was due to the fact that Mum was so ill and I myself had anxiety that I couldn't talk about. Dad has said I can come home any time I want but it would probably take us full circle again: me living at home with nothing to do. Dad is a lot more tolerant as a whole (sorry, Mum) but I can't do that to him. I want to be at home for a little while - and am hoping to be there Monday after next if all the final clearances are done - but I need to be in job-hunt mode and be ready to leave again. I know that I'm probably craving familiarity and something stable right now but I can't stay at home all my life. I've come so far on my own and that's something to be proud of but I think I need a bit of help as I'm basically just struggling to be happy.

... I just really want to go home. Just for a bit, before I set off on the next adventure.

(Also, my John Watson poster keeps falling off the wall. I think he kinda wants to leave as well).

Monday's story!

Sep. 11th, 2017 02:16 am
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More exposition ...

Shouldn't that be a briefcase in the second panel?
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So that's that. Our final day of work was today - at least, the building was shut down. There's still a couple of weeks of derigging to do but that's all the main stuff done. There was an incredible buzz in the building first thing and everyone was kind of excited and nervous. When it was all over, we all stuck around for a kind of finishing party/speeches and there were a lot of tears - not from me, oddly and I feel bad about that. I hugged a lot of other teary people, though. I got a bit emotional and told my TL how much I would miss her and that she was the best team leader I'd had. Saying goodbye to her is one of the hardest parts of this because I've never met anyone like her; she was kind to me when my Mum died and when I had my massive OCD attack early last year - after that, she was instantly able to recognise when my OCD was kicking off and would ask what she could do to help, which in many cases was usually providing a distraction in the form of a conversation, or a task. She's always supported me and always had my back and I am going to miss her so much; I basically love her to pieces. This evening, she held my hand and told me the things that had bothered me - my Mum's death and my OCD - were things I couldn't help; that I was a hard worker; that I needed to believe in myself and that I shouldn't think I wasn't as good as everyone else. We were all just hugging each other for hours over our colas. Then we went to the pub as usual.

It really is the end of an era for me; for everyone. The life we've known for the past three years is now fading. I can't pretend it's been a smooth ride; the beginning was fabulous and so was the end but the middle has been a mixture of Days; days when I threw myself into work, did well, was chilled and just went home after a great shift and days when I sat at home, depressed, eating crisps, crying a lot, trying to write and failing, unable to relax and waiting to go back into work. I've often been physically exhausted and highly anxious; trying to be happy and not quite getting there. It sounds sad but the job has been my life here; it was my main reason for moving here and there's not been a great deal outside it, save for my writing group. I've been at a bit of a loose end in this city and I think I kind of want to leave, now? I don't really want to stay. Maybe I could if the right job came along - and it would be hard, starting over again somewhere else. But I think, what I want to do first and foremost, more than anything else, is to just have a break; to go home and spend some time with my Dad.

In any case, I've got a couple of days to myself now to figure things through. I think I'm just going to stay awake for a bit - much to my shame, I didn't realise Danger Mouse Series 2 had started and I have a couple of episodes to catch up on that I've missed. I think I'd like to make a hot chocolate and curl up a while.

So, yep. Welcome to Redundancy, basically. Here's hoping it won't last long.

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