Apr. 16th, 2013 05:02 pm
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Despite having lived outside of Massachusetts for over half my life, I am still a Bostonian at heart. I grew up here. It was a huge part of my life, especially during my teen years. So, my heart breaks to see the venerable Boston Marathon marred by senseless violence directed at the innocent. Tears spring to my eyes at the caring responses from my fellow Bostonians and my fellow Americans. I seethe when I think that someone imagined this brutish action would send their demented, blathering “message” to the people of Boston. To America. To us.

Whoever did this: beware. Remember what we did at Lexington and Concord. Remember that we are the home of Old Ironsides. The blood of those patriots, those warriors, still runs through our veins and have been further strengthened by the myriad immigrants who have made Boston their home.

You will not get away with this.

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The Girl graduated today in a smooth, respectful ceremony--much more respectful than her cousin's, where people were booted for loud, obnoxious shouting and sounding off air-horns while names were being called. She was easy to spot in the processional--my SIL had French-braided her hair and the braid went all the way to her butt. We made sure we were on the aisle she said she would come down so we could get pictures. She slipped me the money from her first art sale--the principal bought her horse picture for $100! So I guess that technically makes her a professional now! I'm so proud of her!

My bro took some pictures, and I took some with her camera. One of my bro's pictures is so good, I'll be using it as her official picture this year, and get it printed up for the relations. Here are a few that I took.
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When we got home, we had a fabulous dinner with BBQ chicken (requested by the graduate), corn on the cob, two kinds of macaroni salad (one with tuna and one with salmon), five-cup salad, and decorated wacky cake for dessert. It was really good and everyone pitched in to help

The boys are now also officially out of school for the summer and I think everyone will sleep in tomorrow--for a bit. The animals don't like to wait for walkies and breakfast.
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Week before last, the Girl told us she was going to the prom. It seems she'd been resisting her friends' importuning for about two months, but had to agree when a boy in their group asked her to go as "just friends". So, thus began the quest for a prom dress. 

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Today I have company at home. The girl, who was supposed to take the school bus, missed it by a few minutes and came back home. No transportation to get her there, and I was not about to let her walk (a significant highway to cross with no crossing guard). Besides, she wasn't feeling up to snuff as today she became... a woman.  EEEEEEEK! Now the family not only has to deal with me PMSing, but her as well. Though I'm not too sure she hasn't been doing that in the months leading up to today.

The boys, however, were looking forward to walking to school and back. Being together will keep them safe, I hope. I gave them very explicit instructions on which route to take. I might have the girl walk up to meet them at the nearest crossing guard. I don't know why, but I'm very nervous letting my kids go anywhere by themselves. When I was the girl's age I was biking solo down to the mall in the next town, or up to the stores on our main street. No one ever stopped me, molested me, tried to entice me anywhere. At least not that I can recall. Even in high school I felt safe walking the nearly two miles to get to school. What happened to make our world so much less safe for children? The only reason the boys are walking is that I can't drive them. Otherwise, nervous mother that I am, they'd be in the van going both ways.

The ankle doesn't hurt. The swelling has gone down significantly, but I'm still elevating it and will until Saturday. I can feel the weakness in it when I take off the splint. I am determined to make sure this heals properly. But I will probably do some limited driving on Saturday. Our favorite babysitter is getting married (where did the years go? I remember her in sixth grade!) and I'd like to be there. Hopefully, I can.

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