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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tikatu sent to me...
Twelve hobbeths drumming
Eleven lillehafrues piping
Ten pfeffermuses a-leaping
Nine jeriwhos dancing
Eight theweasleyboys a-milking
Seven sidewinders a-reading
Six partly_bouncys a-writing
Five thu-u-u-underbirds
Four dogs
Three cats
Two girl genius
...and a nanowrimo in a pear tree.
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cross posted (to a point) from [livejournal.com profile] lj_nanowrimo 

I've been floundering around for the past week, trying so very hard to come up with more of a plot than I'd already had tucked away in  my brain. Basic story: magic vs. technology; magic wins - yay! But I only had one really stirring event planned, and had ended up with a whole ton of character development tucked into 30K - and no sign of the big event yet.

But last night I hit http://nine.frenchboys.net and powered up the plot twist  generator. Some of them made me laugh, some of them made me shake my head, and a few made me go, "Hm." One of the latter was "Suddenly, a clumsy aviator arrives, from nowhere." And in that little statement, I began to see the glimmerings of some more plot. As those glimmerings took hold, more plot started clamoring for attention.

So, now I have my plot, and it's falling into place. I even was channeling my healer character on the way home from today's write-in, in a scene from the BIG EVENT, where she actually gets to use her power to get some righteous smackdown. Need to start taking my digital recorder to bed, and to the bathroom as those are the places I get a lot of my inspiration.

My only problem is that the rather taciturn butler character, who I was going to make into a villain, is turning out to be more of a sympathetic hero type. Now I have to figure out a way for my two telepaths to be kidnapped which doesn't involve him... sigh.

More plot!! Yay!!

And in other news, Lacey went to the vet yesterday for the first time since puppyhood. She was relatively well-behaved, very inquisitive, but ended up with a muzzle since she growled at the vet. The vet suggested this flea medication called "Comfortis", which basically kills the fleas from the inside out, and keeps killing them and the eggs for a month. I also got flea meds for the cats, Capstar to kill what is on them now, and Advantage to continue killing them. I'll have to do some poking around to see how much Comfortis costs online.
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The Girl just got the results from the two AP tests she took back in May. She passed both! So she now has some college credit under her belt.

The Hubby is home today, and has finished the last fence post across the back. We're talking about what we want to do with the fencing across the front, and the gates, and the fact that I want to put the dog in a kennel when we go on vacation.

Still waiting to hear back from the vet's office about the cats. Need to bring them in and have them medicated, as well as get their shots for the year. Want to see if I can get a discount or something for bringing them all in at once. In any case, I'll have to take the car tomorrow morning. 

More later as the muse moves.

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A double drabble written for prompt 136, "footprints in the snow" at 

[profile] all_unwritten.



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Several weeks ago, I was walking Lacey down the driveway when I noticed the remains of something that had once been living in the leaves by the side of the drive. The remains consisted of some odd bits... and a hunk of flesh with a light gray furred tail attached. To me it was obvious that - whatever it was - it had been caught and eaten by our cats, most likely Ink Jet and Cotton.

The tail was far too big to be a rat's (I hoped) and there was too much fur on it as well. I hoped it wasn't a kitten, but I didn't think our cats - particularly Cotton - would eat their own kind. So, I settled on it likely being a juvenile possum, this being the time of year that baby possums are sent off into the world by their mothers.

The Girl, once she had examined what was left of the tail (which was less than I'd seen), didn't agree. She thought it might have been a baby squirrel or something... until tonight.

She came in from her nightly walk and asked me to guess what she'd seen waddling across the front lawn and around the side of the house. The answer: a possum. I asked her how big, and she described something far larger than a juvenile! She conceded that what the cats had caught and devoured was very likely what her ol' Mom said it was.

Of course, this put me in mind of our first encounter with a possum, one that felt free enough to come inside and explore the house! I wrote that one up as a piece of creative non-fiction, and you can find it
here. I just hope this isn't the same one come back for another visit! I did put chicken wire across the holes, but not all the way up... it would be possible for a very determined possum to get inside. If it does, I'll let you know!
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Weirdness abounded tonight... 

I took Lacey outside to do her business - she's getting good at telling us when she needs to go. This time, however, she was on the poky side, taking her own sweet time with it. Cotton came moseying on up to see what was what, when all of a sudden this big ol' bug started banging around our front porch.

Now, you have to understand that our front door is set back from the front of the house about 2-3 feet, creating a little vestibule of sorts where you can stand out of the rain as you get your house keys out to unlock the door. There's a hanging light over the door, up quite high, and it shed light all over the stairs and beyond. 

So this BIG bug comes in, attracted by the light one would suppose, and starts literally bouncing off the walls. Bang, bang, bang, back and forth off the vinyl siding, swooping out of the light every so often and dive bombing back in. At one point it swooped out and made me duck! Thought the thing would get caught in my current mop of hair for sure! All the while it's making this weird clicking noise. It dropped onto its back on the porch at one point, and I figured out what it was: a cicada. Not a common bug by any means as they only hatch once in a very great while, but a very ugly bug. About 2 inches long from stem to stern, and looking like a particularly weird flying beetle (not at all like Thunderbird Two). 

Well, all this motion attracts Cotton's attention and she's got her eye on this thing. She wants it, no doubt about it, and she tries to swat at it from the porch a few times to bring it down. But she realizes she can't catch it while it's in flight, so she jumps up on the porch railing to get a better view as it's bumbling around. It continues to richochet off the walls and door, and finally lands, belly up, on the bit of railing right in front of Cotton. Amazing that it did; the railing at that point is only about three inches across, and the part she's perched on is even narrower.

She watches it for a good long while, giving it her best "You are my prey" stare. I'm contemplating whether or not to hop inside and get a jar to catch it so Boy #1 can see it in the morning. But I decide to let the cat have her fun, and at last, she plucks it up in her mouth and sort of makes as if she's going to carry it off! 

I don't remember if I called to her or the bug moved or what, but she dropped it rather quickly and it buzzed its way over to the welcome mat - the kind of ropy one that says, "Wipe Your Paws" on it. It falls down beside the edge, and gets sort of tangled up in some mat fluff that was lying there (I really need to sweep my porch!).

This is where Lacey comes in. She's been watching this thing, too, and when it falls, she's on it like butter on bread. She paws at it, forcing it further under the mat; the clicking noise it makes is beginning to sound more like a cicada's usual buzzing cry. The further under the mat she shoves it, the more she paws to pull the mat back. Finally, the thing's totally enmeshed in the fluff, stuffed a couple of inches under the mat, and looking much the worse for wear. The buzzing is dying off, and I'm sure the bug is done for.

That's when I took a hand, pulling the length of fluff out, separating about six inches of it, and dropping the part with the bug in it onto the lowest step. Cotton immediately came down to see what I'd done with it. 

It didn't hold her interest long, though, as she padded off onto the grass. Lacey followed her, wanting to play, and eventually I had to haul the puppy (who had done her business) back into the house.

And that, my friends, is my current critter story.

Note: The "annual cicada" in
this Wiki article is the one we met up with.
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Uh, yeah.

Today we got a new member of the family....

Her name is Lacey. 

She's about  6 weeks old, has a golden brown coat with white boots and a white muzzle. She has a white  "collar" and a white tip on her tail, and right now she's sleeping on a bed of newspaper in a clear plastic box. 

We're not exactly prepared for her. 

It used to be that you'd go to the shelter, adopt a pet, and have to wait a day or two while they spayed or neutered the dog/cat. Not anymore. Now they spay and neuter when they come in, I think. So, though I expected to adopt today and pick our choice of animal up tomorrow or Friday, she came home with us today.

We named her Lacey because she was playing with my shoelaces in the bonding room.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, Lacey is a D-O-G.

Boy #2 is in heaven! 

Yeah, we're crazy in love...

well, except for the cats....
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her name is penny... can you guess why?

the neighbors brought a kitten to us today. they found her in the wheelwell of a car across the street. they were going away for a few hours and asked if we could watch her for a bit. i was under the impression they were going to keep her, but this turned out not to be the case.

she is a sweet little one. very vocal, very unafraid of humans, and not at all skittish. i have no idea how old she is but she's eating solid food and drinking water. she's got a high-pitched mew and a loud purr. her fur is medium-long and mottled patches of light gray and peach, with a few peach stripes on her mostly white legs. her tail is the funniest part: it's half a tail, and stubby.

unfortunately, with 4 adult cats and a puppy on the horizon, we really can't keep her. so she'll be going to the humane society as soon as we can take her... unless the hubby relents and tells us we can keep her... (which would please the girl and i very much).

Penny has shifted positions to the back of my neck... silly thing.... and I can type with both hands now. Don't know how long it'll last before she comes down to sleep in the crook of my arm. I just wanted a record of her time with us. (And I'll let you know if she becomes part of the family, grumpy.)

Here are some pictures:

sitting in the girl's lap, you can see the stubby tail

Uh, yeah, that's me and Penny

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