Apr. 16th, 2013 05:02 pm
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Despite having lived outside of Massachusetts for over half my life, I am still a Bostonian at heart. I grew up here. It was a huge part of my life, especially during my teen years. So, my heart breaks to see the venerable Boston Marathon marred by senseless violence directed at the innocent. Tears spring to my eyes at the caring responses from my fellow Bostonians and my fellow Americans. I seethe when I think that someone imagined this brutish action would send their demented, blathering “message” to the people of Boston. To America. To us.

Whoever did this: beware. Remember what we did at Lexington and Concord. Remember that we are the home of Old Ironsides. The blood of those patriots, those warriors, still runs through our veins and have been further strengthened by the myriad immigrants who have made Boston their home.

You will not get away with this.

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I am of the opinion that we need a corrollary to Godwin's Law, one dealing with calling something the equivalent of 9/11. I just saw an eye-popping, eyebrow-raising example of it on, which underscored with many thick, dark lines the need for such an amendment.


Jun. 27th, 2011 02:24 pm
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Meds arrived just after two today. The UPS driver tossed them up onto the porch. When I went out to pick them up, he called back, "Thanks! Appreciate you!" Made me wonder if my ranting had caught someone's ear - or maybe Medco gave them a sharp word.

Medco did call me this morning and I explained what happened. They're crediting me the $15 I paid, and will send my request about USPS Express Mail further up the corporate food chain. I also talked to one of their pharmacists - she said I don't have to build it up again in my system; I can just start taking it as I always have - which means with dinner tonight. Maybe tonight I'll actually get a good night's sleep without having to rub Aspercreme on my feet and hands.
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Dear United Parcel Service,

Even though I ordered my meds online on Thursday night, and paid extra for your "Next Day Air Saver", the anti-convulsives I need are languishing in Philadelphia.


Because you, in your quest to be the biggest business shipper, have forgotten that, for many Americans, Saturday IS a business day. The days of M-F, 9-5 workweek are quickly fading, with more and more consumers expecting service (and you ARE a "service" industry, yes?) seven days a week. So, the meds that I expected today - two days after my last dose - won't arrive here until Monday afternoon sometime... if I am lucky. Whereas, had I just gone with the free shipping provided through the United States Postal Service, I would have received them a mere day later on Tuesday... delivered between noon and two by my friendly neighborhood mail carrier, Brian.

I have spent $15 for NOTHING.

I have already chewed out my mail-order pharmacy on this, and pointed them in the direction of USPS Express Mail - an option I hope they will explore and offer. After all, the Postal Service never sleeps - it's a round-the-clock operation moving all that mail. And, despite the concerted efforts of the bean counters in Washington (a totally different rant, I assure you), I hope it retains its six-day, universal delivery schedule - making a far better option for a company whose products are as time-sensitive as the pharmacy's are. Had the meds been sent that way, I would have already had them in hand. Period.

In the meanwhile, I will deal with the burning feet, the tingling hands, the shakiness, the sleeplessness due to all of the preceding, and wait very impatiently for you to get up off your brown-clad butts and BRING ME MY DAMNED MEDS!

Your angry, highly-unsatisfied customer

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