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Okay, here's the scoop.

With the awesome betaing help of the amazing [livejournal.com profile] thatgirlsix I've been posting Moonstrike! to ff.net. So far, a whole chapter has disappeared, and other chapters have undergone (and will likely undergo) some big changes. Question is: how do I update it here? Do I start over again with a different tag? Do I gut the old posts and upload the new stuff? I'd rather not lose the comments, if that's possible. It's not a problem at dreamwidth as no one has commented there. I don't think it should be a problem at FanNation, either. I can just create a topic in the forums to explain the situation. But here, it's different. I'd like the old commenters to read it again as well as bring in the fresh and spiffy chapters.

So, what say ye? Start again or gut?
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Yes!! Another 50k on Moonstrike! Posted four days early with room to spare at 50,971!

Now, that doesn't mean I'm done with the story, but I have been writing the big stuff at the end. Definitely more to go! I'm gonna try to get the majority of this done by the 30th, which means lots of word wars with my wrimos, even I'm not counting the words for my total.

This is gonna end up as another corker, word-wise, I think, but far from the 300K that The White Winds clocked in at.

Still... woot!!
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Finally finished a bit of stuff that I didn't know was supposed to be part of Moonstrike! The more I post it at FanNation, the more I want to post it at ff.net. The files are there; I've uploaded them to ff.net to use their HTML capacity, which I've copied to FanNation as well as to my website files. I've had a couple of reviews, which have made me really happy (also got one for The White Winds today at FanNation - a bit of a shock, that!)

I just want this story to work, to be right, before I post it to ff.net. I want Rhea to be real, and to be part of the Tracy family without warping it too much. I've gone to the length of rewriting some of the family background, using ideas that aren't contradicted by canon (Jeff has siblings; Lucy has a part in planning IR before her death.) as well as bringing things out that are found in comics canon (John and Brains going to college together.) So far, I've got five chapters, and only one scene with Rhea!

So, I'm asking for feedback. The story allows for anonymous reviews, and you can find it here: Moonstrike! I'd post it here, but I've always found live journal awkward for just about anything other than short stuff. However, if people would like to see it here, I'm game to do it. I could also post it at devART for thems what wants it.

FanFiction.net is the site that gets the most traffic of all for Thunderbirds fanfiction. It's also the one glutted with the Tracy sister fics. As much as I crave the reviews, I want the story to be worth it.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...
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 I've been puttering around with a scene from Moonstrike! where Jeff takes his grown children to Mateo Island so they can see the progress being made on the Thunderbirds. In the comics, the Thunderbirds were built there as the facilities on Tracy Island weren't ready, and weren't really suitable, either, when you think about it. So, they're visiting, and Jeff's showing things off, and Brains is there, and when they get back to Tracy Island, Jeff is talking to his daughter about her proposed role in the organization.  Right now, things are adversarial between them; she went off to get experience with a different company, and he's peeved about that. So she's looking at IR with a rather skeptical eye right now. She points out that he's basically giving his sons their hearts' desires, and reliving his own glory days, and there's got to be a better way. 

Now it's Jeff's turn, and he's got to convince her that not only is IR needed, but why he can't exactly give or sell the technology they've developed for the 'Birds. Then he'll drop the bomb on her as to what he wants her to do.

So, I need input: what are his reasons? He's brought up that he's doing this in memory of Lucille, and that he doesn't want the family to go through what they did, yadda yadda yadda. I plan on him bringing up the whole governmental thing - them being outside of government controls. And being able to get there faster. He's already brought up the "equipment in the wrong hands" argument, too.

So, what say ye? Why does Jeff feel he must create IR? What advantages will it have over normal rescue personnel? Why should he put all this money and work into such an endeavor when he could spread the wealth around? Ideas, please?

Crossposted to my WordPress journal.
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Just felt like trying something new. I like the minimalist layout, but I wish I could mix and match bits and pieces. For example, I'd love to have this in a different color, but keep the nifty numbers and reply button (it now says "Talk to me!", which I thought was fun). And have the links for friends' page, user info, etc. as tabs across the top instead of links alongside my icon.

I'm nearly hopeless at CSS, so I really can't mess with the style sheets... I think. Maybe I'll work with it a bit when I have time.

Been working slowly on The White Winds, and I'm coming to the end of the chapter. It seems Alan's going to factor into this more and more, and Fermat less and less. Also, Rhea--my "Tracy sister"--has been poking me to write her into some situations that other writers have brought up, and has been giving me more background detail on her growing up. Problem is: I'm not sure how to slot this into the fic as it stands now. It would have to be mostly flashback... I had decided to do some of that, but not as much as might turn up now. It looks like this fic may turn out to be like the Brains fic: present day chapters interspersed with past ones. I guess we'll see how it goes.
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In the wee hours of the morning (like 12:30 a.m.), I passed the 20K mark in my NaNo novel. I'm writing that dratted Tracy sister fic, and the people who I've shown this to have told me she's not a Mary Sue, so I guess I'm doing something right!

I got kind of bogged down in this last bit; it's a rescue, and one I hadn't anticipated. I was trying to figure out what Scott would use to block rainwater that was running down a street toward a drain. I talked with a couple of friends, including Hobbeth, and through those chats, came up with PAMs, or polyacrylamides, a water-absorbing crystal that turns into a gel-like substance. It can hold 400 times its weight in water! I tweaked it so it was far more efficient, but Scott (and I) forgot something; he's got a Penelon tent dripping rainwater... still, it's not going to affect the rescuee, I hope.

I'll put my progress bar up, so my friends can keep track of this.

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Lots of laughing, lots of fun,
Write the word count every day,
soon you'll be at 50K.

... or something like that.

Went to the kickoff party today at the Mellow Mushroom. Good pizza, lots of talk about what we're writing. One of the couples who came turned out to be on Hubby's mail route, and the husband came from my neck of the woods! They even knew one of the Girl's school friends!

The new municipal liaison, Matt, is a Furmanite, and has lots and lots of write ins planned. Makes me really, really wish I had a laptop! 

Jokerman (Tony) has posted a 7500 word challenge for the weekend. I've already gotten over 2500 for Friday, but nothing so far for today (with the party and all).  Hopefully I can complete the challenge.

And what am I writing?? Well, an emergency call from my SIL in the wee hours Wednesday, followed by an emergency trip to her house to pick up the Niece, coupled with taking Hubby to work so I'd have the car, made me take a long, late morning nap. When I woke from this nap, my Tracy sister was screaming at me, giving me her first chapter. So, that's what I'm writing. In between, I may be working on rewriting last year's story into third person POV. We'll see what happens. First chapter of the Tracy sister is done.

Well, back to writing!

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