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Lake wind advisory for our area means my windchimes in front and back are dancing while there's a God Almighty draft through the tatterered weather stripping on the side door (thank you very much, Inky and Kami). The kids are playing either Okami (PS2) or Pokémon (DS). I have a crockpot full of chicken corn chowder going in the kitchen. Hubby has the car so I don't have to pick him up. Fortunately for him, his thermal underwear was ready for him to wear today as I'm very sure he needed it.

More later if I'm in the mood.
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Gonna make this as quick and painless as possible.

Hubby: The meds seem to be kicking in. For a couple of mornings this week, he had good bg numbers. The dietician says he should take his bg before bed, and not before supper. That way they can see if the meds are working overnight. He's got an appointment for a diabetic nutrition seminar on Oct. 15. I'm going with him as I could use the refresher. He's found that some of the McDonald's around here serve diet Dr. Pepper, which has pleased him no end.

The Girl: She still needs to buy some books for her classes. She's finding her design class to be tougher than she thought. She's also reconnected with one of her friends from church (who no longer goes there either).

Boy #1: He's been asked to join the academic team; I tell him he should join because he's smart. He's decided to do NaNo this year; his English teacher requires that her students enter three writing contests during the year. She says NaNo will count for all three. I talked to her about it and about the YWP on Open House night. Who knows, maybe she'll join up, too. She also asked him how he could do so well in his classes (his progress report is all A's with just 1 B) when he reads so much.

Boy #2: He's back to afterschool stuff on Thursdays. Legos Robotics and Math Counts. They're planning on fielding a Robotics team this year; I can hardly wait to see how this goes. His progress report was good, too. He's only getting Bs in his Honors classes.

Me: I'm trying to get back into a lower-carb lifestyle myself, but it's hard. Writing is coming slowly, which isn't good as I'll want to pick up the pace for NaNo this year. Put up the next chapter of The White Winds last night. This story will be a good 300K when it's finally done. Let out a little squee when I got my 500th review! I'm going to try and wrap it up in October and get it out of my hair before NaNo I also need to work on my RP posts; that's my goal for today. 

Not much to say about the pets, except that Kami is doing things that both of our departed cats liked to do. She's killing snakes and trying to drink from the bathtub like Callie used to, and likes to come into the bathroom like Tika used to. Was quite the shock to find the present she left in the kitchen: a dead snake! Oh, and we lost one of the immortal striped danios. Down to two fish in the tank.

Rainy and cool today. Feels like fall. Wish it would stay this cool.

That's all for now. Over and out.

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Yeah, for the first time this winter, it's snowing here in SC. We've had rain for the past three days; good steady rain, the kind that soaks deep into the ground and sticks. Today, though some of that rain was mixed with sleet, leaving little grains of ice on our "new" side porch (the old fort from the backyard, almost gutted and moved to the side door). Then it began to mix with snow, and turn over to snow completely around 5 p.m.. So very good to see after such a snowless winter. We've even had thunder with this: thundersnow is pretty rare no matter where you go.

Looks like about an inch so far, with an accumlation of 3 to 6 inches possible by the time the storm pulls out - a least, that's what the weather authorities say. And since this is evening, and the temperature will only go down, it shouldn't melt right away, as it did for my friend from Alabama. She says that her snow is all gone. The kids are looking forward to having a day off from school. It's Hubby's first week of annual leave, so he doesn't have to worry about work at all.

Yikes! Something just hit the roof. The Girl is going out to check, taking Lacey out with her so the dog can do her business - if she will. Sometimes she's a really prissy dog about doing her business in the weather. She's been growling and giving little "woofs" at the kids next door playing in the snow. The noise of whatever it was scared Cotton, who hid under my desk. She has now come out and is watching the snow fall through my door. I offered to let her out, but she took a couple of sniffs and decided that warm and dry was better than cold and wet.

The Girl is back now; says she didn't see anything, even with a flashlight. Things that fall on the roof tend to sound louder than they should. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a clump of mistletoe from our oak tree.

I have to admit, I really miss the snow at times. But the fact that we don't have it very often makes it easier to appreciate when it does arrive.

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Just had a thunderstorm with some really wicked lightning and pea to nickel-sized hail (it's still melting on our welcome mat). Watched it come from the NE as I took Boy #1's friend home, and raced it back to shut down the computers and even take the modem offline. It literally blew on through within about 15 minutes and now all I hear are the echoes as it heads toward Spartanburg.
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Now, I know after reading this, you Northerners will say, "Pfffft! That's nothing!" but for the South, this is something!

When I started writing this, the temperature was at 19°F with a wind chill factor bringing the temperature down to 6° F. For my European friends, that's -7°C, with a wind chill factor of -14°C.

Yeah. 6°.

That's bitterly cold down here.

No snow, just wind and sun. The mountains got snow, and I think some of the center of the state did, too. We took the kids to school instead of letting them wait for the bus. Inside the house it's 58°, and the heater is struggling to get us up to the programmed 64°. The Hubby says that it's better than 19°! Which is true, but still! It's going to make showering a bit on the chilly side. I think I might do some baking to help warm the house up!

Since Hubby is home, he's trying to find a way to get our HDTV antenna to catch the most signals. Right now, we get half the channels we did with our simple broadcast TV. But stations more than, say, 10 miles away, nothing. No channel 7 (which is out of Spartanburg and has the Girl's favorite, NCIS), or channel 13 (which is out of Ashville). No channel 62 (which is affiliated with channel 7)... Hubby is getting the idea that this HDTV isn't all it's cracked up to be! And that we might need an outdoor antenna if we want to watch the stations that we're used to. At least he'll have better weather to put it up with if we get it for next week: it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 60s by his next day off--which is Monday!

Well, as I wrap this up, we're at 25° and the windchill is 16°. A veritable heat wave! </sarcasm>

ETA: I found out that my story "Grandpa's Hat" has been added to the featured stories list on Fan Nation's homepage! Thank you, featured story committee for choosing me!

As a result, I've uplated my Fan History page to reflect this and to mention my new site, Thunderbirds Central (still under construction). Makes me realize that I need to write articles about IR Central and Tracy Island IR.

And to my fellow Thunderbirds fans out there: I'm looking for active sites and communities to list on my links page at TBC (hey, a joke name!). If you know of any, please email or add them to my post here (or at Tracy Island IR, Thunderbirds Central forum, IR:TNP forum, or IR Central).

I'm looking for fan sites, fanfiction sites, fan art sites and pages, forums, merchandise sites, and the occasional oddity (like the Gerry Anderson origami page I found last night). Doesn't matter if they're movie or TV oriented; I want them all - though it would be helpful if you could let me know which universe they fall in! I'm also interested in foreign language sites (I have a few Japanese fan art ones; I'll likely have to put their titles in as gif images for those who don't have Japanese language support). My only requirement is that they have been updated in the past year. Thanks much!
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The novel validator is up at NaNoWriMo, so I did a few find/replaces on my validation file (to remove those pesky contractions I'm so fond of), then slapped it up there. I thought I'd have over 40K - after all, by my own calculations I was nearing 41K last night.

The result? 39351. Not cool. So, to verify this, I went back and actually used a, y'know, calculator to add up my word count, chapter by chapter, as per Open Office's word counter. Now, mind you, I didn't get rid of my contractions there; I won't want to have the stilted language of "I have not" etc. when I publish the novel. I've seen it happen before: an author writes without contractions to up their word count, then forgets to go through and change the "have not" to "haven't" - making their dialog stilted and stuffy.

My final count with the calculator? 39137.

I think I'll take the validator's count, TYVM. And realize once and for all that math is not my bag.

In other matters, we had a hard freeze last night. Very cold even when I got up this morning. The dog's outside water bowl was frozen solid, and the temperature drop made the trees in the back yard let loose tons of their leaves. Boy #2 had spent some time on Sunday using the leaf blower to clear the carport and driveway as far as the extension cord would let him. Now, if you look down in front of the carport, you can't even see what he did. The driveway there is once again carpeted with leaves.

Okay. Enough with the procrastination. I have 400 words to make 40K, and nearly another 1000 to make it where I was yesterday. Then onward beyond that. Fortunately, I'm in a spot that's full of action, and it should flow well. I'm going to finish off my coffee, and get to work!
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Yeah, yesterday was a busy day. Got three out of four hampers cleared, mostly because Boy #2 had to have clean clothes. I folded what was already clean, and sorted it out for pick up by the kids. I also made 3+ dozen oatmeal raisin cookies (first time making them!) for Hubby. After dinner, I took Boy #2 out to find him a cheap pair of canvas sneakers.

The reason Boy #2 needed clean clothes and cheap sneakers was his overnight field trip. He's one of 30 kids from his school who trekked down to Clemson U. this morning for a "CSI" themed science field trip. Two and a half days, two nights of forensic fun. The school got a grant, and somehow there was money donated by the school system, so this $300 per child trip was paid for. I was told he'd need two pairs of shoes, and that good clothes would get ruined, but really, that's all he has: good school clothes. Hopefully I can get them clean when he comes home on Friday. I'm not optimistic: it's raining today and has been since this morning. Forecast is for more tomorrow and Friday. I hate red mud!

I'm glad he has this opportunity though. We got his PACT scores back the other day; like his brother before him, his science scores are as high as they can go! (Now he just has to move up from Proficient to Advanced in English!)

Now if I could only get some ambition for today!
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Cloudy tonight, as there's a non-tropical storm sort of winding its way inland from the coast (the weatherman said it was sort of a nor'easter - not quite sure what he meant by that). But it means that things are a bit milder, and a bit muggier, and we're supposed to get some rain tomorrow and into Saturday. Still a nice breeze though. I'll leave a note about the rain for the crew in the morning.

I'm betatesting lj's new profile layout. I must say it looks nice. Things are compartmentalized; links that had been simply icons now have icons and text (and are clearer to read). There's more information, too.

Waiting on the next update of Girl Genius before bed. I really want to work on my fanfiction tomorrow. I opened up Overtures 27 to work on it some more. I don't know what's keeping me from finishing the chapter, but something is. It's frustrating to know that I'd rather do laundry than write... sigh.
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Clear blue sky, temperatures in the low 70s... a fabulous, brisk breeze. Feels like fall in South Carolina. I have the side door open and both windows in the living room - with the AC unit off! The bugs aren't too bad at the moment, though I should find something to cover the doorway and keep more of them out.

The maples are already turning color. I hear there's a bumper crop of apples up in Hendersonville - I want to go there this year and get some good cooking apples.

Lacey has been very demanding today, seems she wants to go out every time I turn around. With the weather like this, I don't blame her, but it makes my day all the harder.

I think I'm going to turn off the other ACs tonight before I hit the hay. The one in back needs some cleaning out, and all of them should have their filters cleared. If the weather remains this good, I'll have Hubby put them up this weekend.
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And I suppose there's proof of that from time to time. Example:

~Friday, one of my IR:TNP managers was dumped by her boyfriend of 2.5 years, just as they were about to move into an apartment together.


~Saturday, another of my IR:TNP managers crashed her van. No one hurt, but van needs repairs in the same spot it needed them before.

And, to cap it all off:

~Power went out here at 1 a.m., Sunday, and wasn't restored until 3:30 p.m. The day has been sweltering, and so have we. Waiting for the fridges and freezers to cool down to assess the damage. So, if you've been wondering where I am, now you know.

Only one more manager... I hope she dodged the bullet this time out.

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Outside my door is the most heavenly sound I've ever heard: rain pouring down from the sky. There' s a little thunder in the background, but the rain has turned the street white, as if it were foggy out. It started around noon, rained hard for about five or ten minutes, and just a little bit ago, the sky let loose!

We have needed this so very, very badly. Just this morning, on the way back from taking Hubby to work so I could have the car, I heard a PSA from the water system, asking people to take 5-minute showers. We're taking them every other day as it is in our house.

Oooh! Thunder's a little closer now, though I haven't seen any lightning. And the rain is easing a bit. It could rain like this, steady but not a downpour, for a couple of days and I don't think I'd mind. Not at this point. I think Lacey's spooked, and I know it was the rain that drove Tika and Cotton inside (where the other idiot furballs are, I don't know).

Yeah, I feel bad for the residents of FL; they got hit hard by this storm, harder than expected. But for us up here in this little corner of SC, Fay is an long-awaited answer to prayer.

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It has gotten downright cold here! Freeze warnings for last night and tonight. Gotta get the hubby to put down all the storm windows; the boys' room is freezing and we don't need a higher gas bill than the one we're going to get next cycle! I am so tempted to put some money into a few electric heaters; electricity is cheaper than gas right now and if last winter's bill is like this winter's bill, we'd probably save in the long run. I wish we had better insulation, but the people who built this old house were made of sturdier stuff than we are, apparently.

I feel the compelling need to write, but I have so many ideas in my head that I don't know which fic or which RP to start with! At least in IR:TNP, there are a couple of people with posts ready; I've given a nudge to the one who's supposed to start the ball rolling there. At CIR, I suppose it's my turn to post but trying to put something coherent together is eluding me. I posted last at Thunderfan, and a good one it was, too. One of my best lately at that site, in fact. I've got an idea for The Magician, but there are small details to work out there as well. Daria's Thunderbirds RPG is floudering again, but this time I feel no compulsion to jump in and save it.

I've got a bit of Turnabout chapter 15 done, but am still puzzling over how this bit of plot should go. And Washed Up (which I believe I will rename to Serendipity, since someone else on ff.net has a fic entitled, Wash Up) is buzzing around in my brain as well; problem is that it's later chapters that keep flying around. I suppose I should write them down so that I lose nothing. Then there's the novel, which I really feel bad about. But part of me just doesn't want to actually put fingers to keyboard! (Ironic, I know, seeing as that's just what I'm doing now.)

I guess that it's a matter of picking one and sitting down and writing it until I reach the chapter's end. And Turnabout is probably the one that needs my attention the most. So I guess I'll work on that first. Hopefully I can focus in on it and get this next chapter done.

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I look back over the past week or so and I see that I've done a LOT of work in writing. Mr. Sunshine, then my Brains chapter of Burning Muses, which was supposed to be a one-shot for the fanfics.org challenge. Then two more chapters of Burning Muses, working on Chapter 11 of Turnabout, and last but not least, my second challenge fic, Lucky Dog. I've barely had time to keep up with my RP sites, but I did start off chapter three at IR:TNP and did three posts at CIR's Thunderbar. I need to update at Thunderfan today sometime. My mind is just too busy right now.

Hurricane Ivan "The Terrible" is now history and we were spared a lot of its wrath. Just rain and heavy winds hit this area. My driveway is full of downed leaves, small branches, and mistletoe. Maybe hubby will have a chance to clean it up today when he gets home. And he'd better come home right away, too.

The clearing up of the weather has meant an easing of my neuropathic pain as well, today my feet are basically just numb. I'm a bit worried about my folks; they're in the Bahamas on a cruise of all things and Hurricane Jeanne (or tropical storm Jeanne; like any woman, she can't make up her mind) is supposed to be in the area. I hope their trip isn't ruined. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for them since they are getting up in years and their health is deteriorating. I really hope they take lots of pictures so that Mom will remember it.

Two boys gone out and it's just me and the girl for the next hour or so. Then son #1 should be coming home from his sleepover, and son #2 from neighborhood Bible club. I just might take a nap.

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Last night I was taken totally by surprise when, around 10 p.m., the lights went out. All up and down the street. Totally out. Called Duke Power and reported the outage. Their automated system said "Your power will be restored by 10:30  p.m. on August 8, 2004." 10:30? 10:30!!? That was a whole 24 hours!

Hubby was in the kitchen, or made his way there, and so did I. He had run down the batteries on our best flashlight (silly me forgot about the flashlight in my desk!) and couldn't find the butane grill lighter so we could light our big oil lamp. Fortunately, once I got there I found the butane lighter by feel and we were able to light the oil lamp and some candles. Since there really was nothing to do, we went to bed. Not easy for the night owl who's used to staying up to at least midnight. Not easy for the one who was used to having the night breezes blowing on her legs from the fan in the open window. I was tossing and turning for a totally different reason than normal.

Finally, I went out to the living room and opened one of the few windows that did open on that side of the house. It felt so much cooler there that I decided to lay on the couch. I moved a big cassette tape case. A backpack. A bunch of papers. A couple of boxes of trash bags. A cat (actually he moved himself: it was Ink Jet and I didn't see him sleeping in a dark corner so when I started to lay down on him, he scrambled out from behind my back). I lay there and scritched Cotton's head. Eventually I got sleepy and went back to bed. But not before calling Duke Power again. Their revised estimate: 2:30 a.m.

When I woke up, I was alone in bed. Hubby had gone out and slept on the couch, and when the power was turned back on at three, all the lights went on, too. Poor guy! I thought I'd turned them off, but obviously not.

Today hasn't been pouring, but there are still flood warnings out there. The Reedy River was wild to look at, very close to flooding where we drive beside it and flooded elsewhere, I know. The kids are in school, hubby is at work (we even found his pith helmet to keep him dry), and I'm trying to get the house in some semblance of order.

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Talked Dragonlady into bfast at Burger King and then dessert at Dunkin' Donuts. I got my coffee there and dumped it into my travel mug, which I had prepared with an inch and a half of vanilla hazelnut creamer. Heavenly! Add two super-sweet creme-filled donuts to it, and it's perfect!

After talking about things serious and silly with her, I headed out to my friend Carolyn's house. She's taking over for me in Awana, and needed to ask all kinds of questions, mostly about setting up the girls into their color teams. They had 44 girls on the first night!! Wow! I was shocked!

Helped her out, ate lunch there, and then headed back for the car lines. All this time, I'm feeling good because it's raining out. The front had arrived and with it's arrival my feet stopped their constant burning. I am, however, dreading the arrival of Hurricane Frances, scheduled to hit this area around Tuesday (barring any course changes). I hate being a human barometer.

Worked a little more on Turnabout. Nearly have chapter 10 done! Woo hoo! Can't wait to get this one posted.

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