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 So LJ is basically dead and I'm feeling sad. My flist has basically evaporated. I really miss meeting and chatting to people online and have no idea how or where to find them. Tumblr's nice but a little... complex at times.

And you know what, I really miss the whole LiveJournal scene. I miss just popping online and chatting to people. I know it's selfish and whiny of me to always expect the same because I'm thinking of the days when Sherlock was good and people were buzzing about it, but it's really hard to meet people these days and just talk because I genuinely don't know how or where you do it anymore. I think I spend way too much time here, talking about myself - maybe it's time to stop and have a break for a while. God knows I usually waffle on about nothing. I guess I just miss knowing where to go to talk about fandom.

And you know what, I get it, people are busy and they all have lives to get on with. I know I can't always expect someone else to be on their computer; I've had too much free time over the last few years. I'm loving reading and writing fanfiction again and genuinely enjoying the act of it but 'how' do you meet people in fandoms now? Are there any socialising platforms on Ao3? How does everyone else do it? 

Anyway, I have a job interview in just over a week's time so maybe I'll take some time out to deal with that and all the RL issues in my life - I need to make a plan for the future and find a job and figure out where I'm going to go next as I can't stay at home with Dad longterm. I need to pack up things here and pack up things at home. People are busy - everyone's busy and I'm not. I feel everybody else is out doing meaningful stuff with their lives and I'm not doing the same. I feel happier; granted, at this second I'm in bed after spending an hour waiting for an appointment in the doctor's surgery, but I feel a lot less hopeless.

I hope I can meet some new people and find a platform on which to socialise. I'd really like to. Chatting to you guys is one of the highlights of fandom life and I get it, my constant angsting and anxiety can be irritating, but it's nice to know that you know where to go to chat and to know someone's out there who's into the same stuff that you are. It'd be good to meet some more fellows. 

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