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Inspired by my former background at twitter (a pale gray background with slightly darker gray stripes and gray cats), I've created my own tileable graphic in GIMP. I've posted it to my twitter feed and, frankly, I love the way it looks. I used the colors and the cat of my personal logo (along with another cat from that particular font), staggered them, and put them on a striped background.

Yeah, I'm sure this is beginner stuff for some of you but... ;)
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My daughter made this for me today, between classes. As far as I know, I can keep all my current user pics when my paid trial ends tomorrow. Wondering if I should get another six up there...
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First time I've offered any icons that I've made. Hope I'm doing this right. These are totally gankable, but please credit me.

Here be 10 icons )



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Been working on coding things for my personal fiction site. I’ve finished and posted Mosaic – though that will be updated when the muse strikes – and I’m working on The White Winds. There’s still lots to do, but I’m almost halfway through the chapter formatting. I’ve managed to get it down to a routine. Open the .txt files, put in the chapter coding snippet for each chapter. Scroll down and add the back and forward buttons snippet. Tweak them to the proper chapter numbers. Remove the “next time, next chapter” stuff and paste it in a .txt file. Scroll up; add new title and cut the teasers and disclaimer. Then save as a .shtml file. Leave them all open, find a scene divider and change it with the short horizontal line snippet. Copy that, and do a global replace on all open files. Do a preview skim to make sure things look right, then save and close all. Really, I just did about 15 chapters and it only took an hour or so.

Seriously, the biggest time eater is finding images for the splash pages and writing the foreword. On Mosaic, it took me beyond forever to figure out which screencaps to use (and I found I’d duplicated some from earlier stories), and then the free photos that spoke to the drabbles. For The White Winds, I’ve asked my daughter to update a piece of cast art that she’d done for me earlier. Her artwork has progressed soooo very far that she was embarrassed by the old stuff. Since I’m working so quickly on coding this, I should poke her about that piece.

I’m also trying to decide if I should add my two non-Thunderbirds one-shots to the One Shots book. I’ve done one for The Incredibles, and one for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My fanfiction is so heavily Thunderbirds-oriented, but these deserve a home, too. (They are posted on ff.net and on FanNation.) Tell me what you think about that.

In other writing news, I’ve pulled most of my work from Lunaescence Archives. I have several reasons for this. Things that were broken aren’t being fixed is one of them (thinking of forum registration here), but an increasing dissatisfaction with the way the archive is being run, and the ever-stronger skew toward anime and manga (and reader-insert) stories are probably stronger reasons. I’m sad about this, really; so many archives tend to go downhill once their owners are no longer involved in running and upgrading them. And now this has happened (IMHO) to Luna. (Yes, this puts me in mind of Thunderbirds Central, and parts of IR:TNP that need updating, too.)

As far as my personal “cyberstalker” (Lillehafrue’s term) is concerned, I haven’t heard from her again. Hopefully, I never will.

Back to the HTML editor, Batman!

New icon

Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:51 pm
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Now that NaNo is over, and I can't use my absolutely adorable ML icon anymore, I've created a new one for myself. It's based on the favicon my personal site has. T for Tikatu, and the cat... well, it's the best silhouette, I thought. Reminds me of Tika. I made a cool banner for myself to use during NaNo... it's on my old hard drive, though, which makes me sad.

Haven't written anything beyond this today, and I really should. I should get in the habit of writing something every day--something fictional, that is, and perhaps creating a "to do" list of all the things I want to get accomplished in the next few month. First, though, is getting my old drive to the techs, and seeing what they can pull off of it. I've put it off because of money woes, and now I can do something about it.

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Went to the art show today and finally saw what the Girl has been doing over the past few years (I say few years because she had some of last year's art up for display). She had six pieces in the show, all of which she hoped to sell. Went around looking at a lot of the art, some of it most excellent, and found that she'd taken third place in the judging for a piece of art that she doesn't even like! It was done early last year, and what she's done since then shows her advancement as an artist. But the judges liked this one!

I'll excerpt what the judges had to say about it here:

"Third Place goes to the piece with the Telephone pole in front of the brick building... The abstract composition is especially pleasing. Shapes and patterns become more important than realistic subject matter in this piece, and causes us to look at our surroundings in a new way. While working for more contrast and taking a little more time with the drawing of small details would have made the piece stronger, capturing the abstraction seen around you is clearly working outside the box."

"The simple pencil drawing of the telephone pole has an interesting contrast of the monumental and the small, intricate detail."

The Girl was a bit put out by the fact that the item in question was not a telephone pole, but a walkway covering support! She was peeved that they kept calling it a phone pole!

I think that the show was rather poorly attended, partially due to lack of advertising before the event. We definitely made way too many brownies!

And in other news, I made [community profile] metafandom thanks to partly-bouncy!

Magnet art!

Jan. 1st, 2008 10:38 pm
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My daughter made magnets for some of our relations this year, including me!

It's Alan Tracy, his pygmy alligator fallen asleep and drooling on his head. He's dressed in his International Rescue: The Next Phase uniform. She made it of foam and felt and used watercolor pencils to color it. Took a while to piece together.

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She started this one some time ago, but her Virgil picture gave her the impetus to finish it. It's inspired by one of my drabbles from[profile] 30_beverages called, "The Real Thing".

She's also added the TBs characters to her "job jar" by name, so whenever she pulls one out, she'll be drawing that character, probably as a chibi.

Thanks again, Sweetie!!

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Entitled: Virgil's Happy Place!

I'm so excited! Thank you, sweetie!!
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The Girl's artwork, the Thunderbirds one she was working on for me, came home yesterday. She's going to try and sell the other two show pieces, which would be nice. I personally think this is very good, but then, I'm more than a tad biased.

Here's what she was working from:

Here's how it turned out:

I am very, very proud of her.
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I've been waiting a while for this one! A picture of chibi Scott... and his secret life as drawn by my talented daughter!

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Pfui! (to quote Nero Wolfe). MSN Spaces is acting funky today, so I'm going to post this here first; there later.

My daughter has finished the color version of The White Winds picture she did, and here it is!

Front row: Trey Mackenzie, Dominic Bertoli, Andrew John Trumbull, Fermat Hackenbacker, Qaeshon Lewis
Back row: Jason Cunningham, Ralph Santiago, Alan Tracy, Xavion Lewis, and Lee Sugimoto

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My daughter has drawn a manga style picture of the boys from The White Winds for me! I think it's good, and I'm posting the black and white line art for all to see. I'll post the colored version as soon as she's finished with it.

In the back row, from left to right are: Trey Mackenzie, Jason Cunningham, Ralph Santiago, Alan Tracy, Xavion Lewis, and Lee Sugimoto

In the front row, from left to right are: Dominic Bertoli, Andrew John "A.J." Trumbull, Fermat Hackenbacker, and Qaeshon Lewis

I can hardly wait for the colored version!! I am so very proud of her!

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