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Within just a day, I’ve had the pleasure of hauling out my Thunderbirds knowledge (with all the attendant books and other paraphernalia) to help a couple of fellow fanfic writers and personal friends. It was certainly fun, especially all the stuff about Alan Tracy’s educational background. Add to this my posting the first chapter of one of my short stories (Burning Muses) at AO3 and uploading a new post to my RP, and I’m full of Thunderbirds at the moment. It’s given me quite a hunger for fic and for writing or editing what I already have up. I edited the first chapter of Burning Muses, making it tighter. In many respects it was like my edit of the little scene I wrote a few days ago. The changes I made brought forth Brains’s voice and made him less … poetic. (Because if Brains is anything, it is NOT poetic.)

Then, there was the chatter at the dinner table. We went from Gosford Park to Downton Abbey (which we have not seen) to Acorn (which streams Downton Abbey), and then to Netflix – where movies are more plenteous in DVD than in streaming. This led to BBC America (and how we could get it on cable), to other premium cable services, to Game of Thrones and whether or not the TV series matched the novels. That particular thought brought out movies that didn’t match their source material – Boy #2 brought up the Percy Jackson movie (The Lightning Thief). This brought the whole shebang back to … Thunderbirds! The Girl’s comment: “I knew there was another kids movie like that! ” Hubby brought up that Frakes had said in an post-film interview that he directed the movie that the producers wanted, even though he knew the fans would be “annoyed by it” (Hubby’s words, not Frakes’s.) I promptly chimed in. “Annoyed? Annoyed?” Which, of course, is far too mild a term to describe the old guard’s intense hatred of the film.

Maybe if he’d stayed closer to the source material, we’d have had another Thunderbirds movie. After all,  there will be another Percy Jackson film, coming out this year.

Some fandoms get all the luck…

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tikatu sent to me...
Twelve hobbeths drumming
Eleven lillehafrues piping
Ten pfeffermuses a-leaping
Nine jeriwhos dancing
Eight theweasleyboys a-milking
Seven sidewinders a-reading
Six partly_bouncys a-writing
Five thu-u-u-underbirds
Four dogs
Three cats
Two girl genius
...and a nanowrimo in a pear tree.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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I just found out that my friend and beta, Hobbeth, died after a 10 month battle with cancer. I'm going to miss her.
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Yeah. The kids have all gone away for the weekend. Up to NC, to a good camp there. The Girl's friend invited them all - sort of under her siblings' names - and so they won't be back until Sunday sometime.

The house is very, very quiet, with the dog mourning her boy going away, and the Demon Cat deciding that I'm her surrogate mother (she's been doing this for a couple of weeks now, actually).

It might help me with my NaNo novel to have the quiet, though tomorrow I have a write-in, which will help even more.

Speaking of that, I'm looking for 15K today; just making the bare minimum will put me over. The story is flowing, but I'm sort of caught between delineating things too much, and not delineating things enough. And Siobhan is at the forefront right now. I need to catch the other characters and get their backgrounds filled out.

In another, totally unrelated note, the Girl's friend's father ran a write-in campaign for Soil and Water Conservation board, and won. This is cool, because he had a stroke a few weeks ago and is undergoing rehab. I'll be sure to have the local news on this evening; the NBC affiliate wanted to do an interview. Congrats, Dave!!

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Went to the Harvest Happening at church last night. The kids love this; it gives them a chance to run around and visit with their friends while riding the hayrides, eating hot dogs, and drinking hot cocoa. I wasn't sure if they were going to have it; the weather was damp and overcast all day. And boy, did I feel it! Hubby dropped us off and went back to the house to get a couple of folding chairs. Found out that some small creature had made a nest in the red one; there were bits of fluff in there and a couple of holes chewed through the nylon. Once he got back, we ate and then I sat down and didn't move for the rest of the evening. My feet were hurting so much! Dorothy and Sandra came over to chat with me, and I touched base with Debbie and Linda P. Said "Hi" to a lot of people and spoke with Sarajean at length. Have to make sure I get Valerie's wedding gift all wrapped and ready to go.

The kids had a good time. The Girl hung out with her good friend Anneliese, and Boy #1 hung out with Matthias and put odds and ends on the fire. Boy #2 dared Emmy to put something on the fire, and, knowing Emmy, she took him up on his dare. The boys ran around on the playground and I had to specifically tell Boy #1 to stay out of the creek. He told us later that there was a snapping turtle in the creek now.

We bought pumpkins for the kids to "carve" which means that they design a jack o' lantern and Daddy carves it (but they have to clean it out). He got two done the day before and did the last one last night. They are out on the steps now. The Girl's is at the top as usual, with Boy #1's just below it, and Boy #2's at the bottom. Here are some pics:

We'll put candles in them tonight.

The Hubby should be home soon and I'll either go out and get milk and candy to send him out to run the errand. I'm very tired; I didn't get to sleep until 4:30 a.m. with my feet the way they were and didn't get up until 11:00 a.m. Hubby always tells me to wake him so he can massage my feet with Aspercreme, but he needs his sleep, too, and always seems so groggy and grouchy when I ask him to do it. Tonight I'll take my anti-depressant around 9 and see if that helps me get to bed sooner.

[livejournal.com profile] funky_cheeseArtisiticRainey finished the pics of my character's kids for IR:TNP and sent me a picture of herself in her beautiful dress. She looked so very lovely! And she did a great job on the portraits, too. I have one more character to develop a description for: my character's mother.

I keep looking for the van, and I'm very much afraid that Hubby has stopped at the library. Well, it closes at 6 tonight so he won't be there very long. Now to get some housework done.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Sep. 3rd, 2004 01:59 pm
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Funkycheese was online and I didn't even know it until she signed off. She must have snuck on while I was getting my cuppa! Sorry about that, Rain!

I did get a solid three hour nap and feel much better, more awake. Car line is coming up in about five or ten minutes so I don't have time to say too much at the moment. I've been working on chapter 11; trying to decide the time frame for everything that's going on with the rescue, the return, it's all jumbled around in my head. I'll need to put together a timeline for what happened when during chapters 9, 10, and 11. The creative process can be so demanding at times!

I'm going to grab my second cuppa as I head out the door. This is the first time I've tried Aldi's premium roast coffee. I bought the house blend and it's good, just different from what I have been drinking. I'll need to get used to it. Back for more creative crunching this evening; Boy #1 has a birthday party to attend at five.

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Talked Dragonlady into bfast at Burger King and then dessert at Dunkin' Donuts. I got my coffee there and dumped it into my travel mug, which I had prepared with an inch and a half of vanilla hazelnut creamer. Heavenly! Add two super-sweet creme-filled donuts to it, and it's perfect!

After talking about things serious and silly with her, I headed out to my friend Carolyn's house. She's taking over for me in Awana, and needed to ask all kinds of questions, mostly about setting up the girls into their color teams. They had 44 girls on the first night!! Wow! I was shocked!

Helped her out, ate lunch there, and then headed back for the car lines. All this time, I'm feeling good because it's raining out. The front had arrived and with it's arrival my feet stopped their constant burning. I am, however, dreading the arrival of Hurricane Frances, scheduled to hit this area around Tuesday (barring any course changes). I hate being a human barometer.

Worked a little more on Turnabout. Nearly have chapter 10 done! Woo hoo! Can't wait to get this one posted.

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and I had a much better night last night, even if I had to kick Tika off the bed several times before she'd stay off. Some weather actually came through with thunder and lightning and, later on, some rain, too. So when I got up, my feet didn't burn like they have for the past two days or so. What a relief!

Called Dragonlady to see if she wanted to be corrupted today, but it was a no-go. It was so funny though; she said that she could tell from my voice mail message that I hadn't had my coffee yet and that when she called back later she knew I'd had some. Then she went on to say that when her oldest girl was drooping around the house before she had her coffee, the family said she was acting like I do! I couldn't believe it; I didn't know that my morning application of caffeine (or lack of it) was so noticible! Does this indicate an addiction like my husband's addiction to Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew? I certainly hope not! I thought I was drinking coffee for the taste of it.... In any case, we're going out for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Tonight starts Awana Clubs, and for the first time in 22 years, I won't be involved. It's a relief, but I know I will miss it, too. Son #1 doesn't want to do it this year, but for the kids (in this case, the boys) it's not optional. The question will be: can we get ready in time and how will I feel later in the day. The usual pattern of afternoon thunderstorms has been wreaking such havoc with my neuropathy that I never know how I'll feel in the afternoons. At least today is hubby's non-scheduled day and he'll be off at 4. We can get an early dinner and hopefully be ready to go for 6:30.

Got a little more done on Turnabout. Chapter 10 is taking forever, it seems, but it will be good when it's done.

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Met with Dragonlady at Atlanta Bread Company for a late breakfast. She had to take her kitties to be spayed before we could get together but it was nice all the same. We talked and talked and drank coffee, so I managed to stay awake for the whole time. Surprised me because I was falling asleep at the computer earlier. I really need to get out more!

It feels so weird to talk about the kids' old school in the past tense. It's like we now have no point of reference to each other. I just hope that we can continue to be friends even though our kids are in different schools now and we don't see each other as much as we used to. She's a good friend and Lord knows I need some that I can sit down and talk with face to face.

Other than that, I've gotten nothing done. Nothing, nada, zilch. I'll try to put the dishwasher on before I take off to get the kids from school. Hubby won't be too disappointed, I know. At least I got out and away from the computer for a while will be his reasoning.

Hopefully I can get back to Turnabout this evening. I did a little last night and it seemed to break the block I was feeling. I hate writer's block. If I want to do this for a living, I've got to find a way around it.

Might be back later, who knows.

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Yes, they are. Most certainly. Mine went from mailman to plumber in the blink of an eye. He managed to install the new faucet and even replace the old drain, so now we have a functioning drain plug. And the change in water pressure? We now actually have some in the bathroom sink, a feature we've been missing since we moved into this place four years ago. The installation took all evening with a break for dinner and two trips to the store for supplies I didn't know we'd need but it's done. When I heard a shower of water this morning, it was actually rain! And I made sure I rewarded him most appropriately this morning before he left for work. ;)

Realized last night at supper that I hadn't taken my meds with breakfast. So I'm still trying to catch up on my anti-seizure drug levels. But it did explain why I had so much pain in the afternoon and felt so crappy most of the day. High BP will make you feel crappy.

Had a long convo with my good friend PDragonlady. She's going to buy the Girl's textbooks from last year. She'd like for us to go out and have breakfast somewhere like we used to; I'd like that, too. I haven't seen too much of her this summer. Haven't seen too much of too many other people for that matter. The weather has made such a hash of my neuropathy this summer!

I need to clean the bathroom before putting all the accoutrements back in there. Sigh. A woman's work is never done.

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