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I was rather hoping I’d go on doing a drabble a day until the start of NaNo, but something came up today that brought the drabble train to a screeching halt in favor of my novel. I’ll talk about it in a moment, but first, a recap of the whole drabble a day experience.

Writing time frame: September 16th through 28th.

Posting time frame: September 17th through 30th

Total writing time: 13 days

Days missed: 1, leaving 12 writing days

Drabbles written: 15, plus an alternate ending for one. Only one of these I thought was sub-par.

Drabbles posted: 14 as of today.

So, it was pretty good. I only missed one day of writing and the rest saw one or more written.

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My parents arrive in a week's time for the Girl's HS graduation, and I am working to clean the house a much as possible. With the Hubby home today, I hope to get some yardwork accomplished (by him and the boys, that is), while I clean the livingroom. The Girl has been working in the kitchen. I'm saving the bathroom for a day when few people are home--it will require lots of bleach and bleach-based products to get things the way they need to be.

Between cleaning bouts, I'll be trying to write. My muse roused a little bit from her coma yesterday and I got a tiny bit done. Still, there's so much more to do...

In any case, I won't be around much over the next few days. Just so's y'all know.

Bad night.

May. 16th, 2009 05:23 am
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I got to bed at a relatively decent hour, but the muggy warmth of the room, my feet buzzing in pain, and worries about finances all conspired to keep me from sleeping any solid length of time today. So, I finally got up, took the dog out, and made sure my stories were all available on the family jumpdrive.

Plan for the day, for as long as I can stand it: write between bouts of baking and cooking, this morning; brainstorm in a similar way this afternoon; collapse this evening. Dinner will be ready when Hubby gets home, and I'm moving the laptop to the kitchen so I can keep going as much as possible. Won't be easy; but I think I can do it.

Overall, I'm convinced that I need to prioritize things so I can do the things that really NEED to be done, and do the things - especially in fandom - that I want to do/feel I should be doing.

For example: 
I need to be taking better care of our finances.
I need to be bringing in some money, somehow.
I need to take better care of the house.
I need to take better care of the Hubby.
I need to take better care of myself.
I need to spend more time listening to/correcting/playing with the kids.

Fandom stuff:
I want to finish my WIPs.
I want to continue my RP site.
I want to finish my Thunderbirds website.
I want to make my own personal site, and post my fan fiction there.
I have at least three stories that I want to write, new stories that are fandom-specific.
I want to finish my NaNo novel from last year.

This may mean dropping back/out of a few things. It definitely means spending less time online just putzing around.

So, you may find me online today, but marked as busy. That means I am busy. Whether it's with brainstorming, washing clothes, baking breads, making dinner... I will be busy.  I apologize if this puts you out in any way. But I need to do what's best for me and my family.
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I've managed to empty all my clothes hampers. The last load is in the washer.

Yeah, it's nothing big, but we moms take our triumphs where we can get them.

Ink Jet needs to visit the vet. He has an abcess behind one ear that he's managed to rip open with his claws. Not sure where he got it; very likely picked it up during a fight. But it's unpleasant looking, and I don't want him to get an infection. I think that's the way his father (or the cat we think was his father) lost both of his ears. So he's to see the vet tomorrow morning, which means I get up and take the van.

The boys have had a nice visit with Boy #1's old friend from down the street. The mom there send me some frozen blueberries. Looks like it's time to make some muffins! Still waiting on a gift for the girl. I've  emailed the place I ordered it from on Saturday, politely asking the status of my order - and I haven't heard back yet. Considering that I ordered this back on the 11th, I think I have reason to be concerned. I may email again.

And I discovered that the archangel Gabriel is the patron saint of... postal workers! I'll let Hubby in on that when he gets home.

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It was cold out when I took the dog out for walkies this morning. Cold and windy, enough to bite right through my sweater. So, I put on my heavier jacket for subsequent walkies, and kept my sweater on in the house. One of the neighbors told me she put her heat on last night because it had gotten so cold in her house that she felt she was freezing her babies.

Out of curiosity, I checked the temperature on the thermostat when passing by to get some more hot coffee. What I saw startled me. The thermostat registered 57.

57 degrees. It hasn't been this cold in the house in ages. In the evenings, especially on those days when I baked, it's been reading a comfortable 68. We've been trying hard not to turn the heat on, to keep it off as long as possible and keep the costs down.

57 degrees. It was the last straw. I broke down and turned on the heater. Not too much, mind you, just to a slightly more comfortable 64. Maybe I'll bake again this afternoon and heat that part of the house up. And keep my sweater on. At least, inside, I'm out of that wind!


Oct. 21st, 2008 09:48 pm
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I've been threatening to make molasses cookies for at least a week now. Today, I did.

Not impressed, though I keep eating them. Hubby says he'll take them to work. I'll have to come up with something else for the kids' lunches.

Not terrribly impressed with the sites I've looked at to replace MSN Groups, either. I went so far as to sign up at Convos, thinking - from their demo - that I could use pictures in the welcome page. No such luck. Text only, on a white background. Can change the text color, size and font, but that's not really much use. Not when I'm used to custom buttons, custom fonts, colors on black, pictures and tables. I'm going to look at Multiply again, maybe sign up and poke around as myself - but I don't hold out much hope for any of the things we have at MSN Groups. I'll also wait until I see what's going on with Windows Live Spaces, then make my final decision.

Not feeling at all sanguine...
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Yeah, yesterday was a busy day. Got three out of four hampers cleared, mostly because Boy #2 had to have clean clothes. I folded what was already clean, and sorted it out for pick up by the kids. I also made 3+ dozen oatmeal raisin cookies (first time making them!) for Hubby. After dinner, I took Boy #2 out to find him a cheap pair of canvas sneakers.

The reason Boy #2 needed clean clothes and cheap sneakers was his overnight field trip. He's one of 30 kids from his school who trekked down to Clemson U. this morning for a "CSI" themed science field trip. Two and a half days, two nights of forensic fun. The school got a grant, and somehow there was money donated by the school system, so this $300 per child trip was paid for. I was told he'd need two pairs of shoes, and that good clothes would get ruined, but really, that's all he has: good school clothes. Hopefully I can get them clean when he comes home on Friday. I'm not optimistic: it's raining today and has been since this morning. Forecast is for more tomorrow and Friday. I hate red mud!

I'm glad he has this opportunity though. We got his PACT scores back the other day; like his brother before him, his science scores are as high as they can go! (Now he just has to move up from Proficient to Advanced in English!)

Now if I could only get some ambition for today!
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I'm sure is due to a lack of sleep and a surplus of stress. Haven't slept well for the past two nights because of the neuropathy; last night was a triple whammy, actually: sugar levels, hormonal changes, and a weather front coming through. I was on my regular dose of anti-depressant (I usually only take half), as well as naproxen, and when it was really looking bad, aspirin, too. Hubby even massaged my feet with Aspercreme. If I hadn't gotten to sleep at all, I would have gone and done something rash: taken another small dose of anti-seizure meds. That's how bad it was. 

Now the actual front line has moved through, I think, and things are better. I am still stressed, and tired, and the hormones are still there, too, but my feet don't hurt as much. Yet, I can't stop cleaning. I'll eat something for lunch and run the dishwasher. I was going to clean my other oven rack, but it's not as important as the stuff my sister can actually SEE. It's not that she's a wench or anything; she just offers to "help" which of course makes me feel inadequate as a housekeeper. 

Back later with an update and after lunch and some more work.

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I don't actually sound like that, but I do have a head cold. Mostly sinus congestion and drainage and some scratchy throat. The air in the house is dry, and it's not helping because when I blow my nose or sneeze, I end up with a bloody nose. The weather has turned cold and raw and it's raining lightly. Right now everyone is inside, trying to keep warm and dry.

Hubby was home today, which was nice. I was afraid he'd forget to pick up the kids after school; he had gone to Home Depot to buy some fencing. But I needn't have worried. He came back hom with no fencing, but three kids. The fencing is on order.

Not much more to say. He's going to take the kids to the library; we've lots of overdue things that didn't go back last time. I might take a nap then; that is if I can get all the clean, folded clothes off my bed.

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I forgot to change the alarm time on my alarm clock! I got up at 7:15 this morning, a time which, if we weren't in a rush to get out of the house, the boys would be leisurely putting on their clothes and telling me they didn't have any socks. Instead we ran around frantically, the kids eating breakfast, getting dressed, and out the door in record time, while I spent 15 minutes trying to close up the snack baggies. I am going to complain to Aldi's about this one; I like the fact that they have snack baggies, but honey, they are hard to close! Not like their lunch baggies, which are a cinch. These buggers are difficult! Especially when you get little bits of BBQ chip flavoring in the track (but even when they're clear they're hard to close).

Just as we were about to head out the door, boy #2 comes whining to me "I have no socks!" I sent him out with his stuff and his shoes and his feet bare while I went and borrowed a pair of boy #1's socks for him to put on while en route to school. Then he began fussing because he forgot something. I told him, too bad, so sad, and we don't have time to go looking for whatever you forgot. The girl then announced that she had forgotten her glasses, but, as she put it in such a self-righteous way, SHE wasn't whining about going back in to get them. She did, however, whine about being late for school. I kept telling her that she was not going to be late, even when the yard waste collection guys hogged up the most direct route to her school for several minutes. And she wasn't late; she just wasn't as early as she likes to be. Grrrrrr. Mommy ain't happy.

So now I am home. I've fed the cats (not my job but we didn't have time this morning for the girl to decide to get around to it), eaten my breakfast, and made my bed. I have scads of other work to do and instead, I'm on the computer and getting sleepy. Oh, and I've done one more thing....

I changed the alarm time on my alarm clock.

'nuff said.

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Yesterday was sooo productive. I celebrated five nights in a row with a clean sink (yes, this is an accomplishment) and emptied at least two of my laundry hampers, at least until I got dressed for bed.  I baked brownies for the first time in who knows how long! And I put up chapter 12 of Turnabout, finished my little challenge fic for Thunderfan, and posted at Calling International Rescue several times. It's amazing what's I actually did over the past few days!

This morning however is sleepy. In fact, I'm going to take a nap. Hopefully I'll get up in time to put a stew together for this evening.

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My mission is accomplished! I got all the dishes done! It took all afternoon since I paced myself and took good breaks to cool down, but it's done. Now the trick is to keep up with them. I've got the dinner dishes to think about right now though most of them will go in the dishwasher. Just a frying pan to wash I think.

I put a load of delicate wash in the laundry and made hubby pull out the little bit of drawstring that got caught up in the edge of the dryer so that none of the delicates get stuck up there when I get them into the dryer. All three kids have been bathed and now hubby is watching the Avengers, which he borrowed from the library.... again. It feels so nice to sit here and feel like I've accomplished my goal for the day, it really does.

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I am determined to get the dishes done today. I've got one sinkful done and a load running in the dishwasher. The boys have gone off to Bible club for the next hour or two so it's just me and the girl. Once I've finished my Mt. Dew, I'll be back at the sink. I've got yesterday's laundry to fold as well, but at least the kids have put away what I folded and sorted yesterday.

Trying to think of what we need at WalMart. I knew there was something missing on the list, but I didn't understand what it was until just now: scotch tape. I can never find any when I want it; like my scissors the rolls of tape tend to wander off and not come back.

I've doubled the dosage of my antidepressant as per my doctor's orders. Made me really groggy this morning. Of course, it didn't help that I woke up with hubby to have some fun, either. This is going to take some getting used to, as it did before when I took the sister drug. I hope I'm a bit more acclimated when Monday rolls around so I can drive the kids to school without trouble. This business with hubby taking the bus on weekdays seems to be working out okay, except when he misses the bus. Then he walks to work and I don't like that at all.

Well, better wrap this up before the power goes out. Seems that someone is outside messing with the power and phone lines for no discernable purpose. Plus, the dishes are calling my name....

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It's a beautiful day. I got the kids off to school early today. I've got some laundry done, some washed, some dried, and I'm working on folding the backlog. Went to lunch with the hubby at Mickey Dee's. And it's not even two yet!

Tika surprised me last night by doing one of her "I really like you when you're in the bathroom" bits. She asked for lots of scritching by giving me headbutts and meowing at me, and she wasn't too wriggly when I finally picked her up. We had an interesting conversation; just wish I knew what it all meant. I can mimic her voice the best of all the cats; she sounds like a Siamese, all loud and demanding. Callie started off the day with her cranky, hissy self. I reached up to pet her when she was on top of the dryer and she made it clear that I was not to touch her royal self. At least she spared me the scratches.

Cotton has been letting me pick her up lately and has been giving me lots of rubs and headbutts. It's been two years since we rescued her from her former owners so this has been a long time coming. Inky? He's been his idiotic self. I was halfway out into the road yesterday before he decided that yes, his bed was moving, and that yes, he'd better get off before it moved any farther. At which he slid down the windshield on all fours and jumped off the van's hood. He caught a bird yesterday, a small bird like a sparrow, and it got away into the ground cover under the azaleas. It was rather comical watching the little leaves rustle a bit as the bird hopped along then watch Inky put his little paw in, followed by his head. He finally flushed the bird and it ran as far as the van's tire, where he cornered it again and took it back into the bushes. I think it escaped from him there, too.

Just a satisfying couple of days for the most part. If the neuropathy would quit and let me drive, things would be copacetic all the way 'round.

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Decided to check out Rain's domain and see what interesting things she had hidden in there and came across her LJ and her hero type. Took the test myself (signing up for the site in the interim) and this is what came up for me.

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

I hope this shows up the way it's supposed to when I update the journal. But I thought that the test was a lot of fun and yes, I am a wizard. I fit the description very well. And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad one!

Also heard from my dad and for the first time found out that they are flying here on the 9th and will drive to Florida to meet the cruise ship on the 12th then drive back here for the 19th and stay for a whole week! Woo Hoo! I have really missed having my parents live nearby. It will be nice to see them, and my sister and BIL, too. But it doesn't give me much time to clean my house!

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Met with Dragonlady at Atlanta Bread Company for a late breakfast. She had to take her kitties to be spayed before we could get together but it was nice all the same. We talked and talked and drank coffee, so I managed to stay awake for the whole time. Surprised me because I was falling asleep at the computer earlier. I really need to get out more!

It feels so weird to talk about the kids' old school in the past tense. It's like we now have no point of reference to each other. I just hope that we can continue to be friends even though our kids are in different schools now and we don't see each other as much as we used to. She's a good friend and Lord knows I need some that I can sit down and talk with face to face.

Other than that, I've gotten nothing done. Nothing, nada, zilch. I'll try to put the dishwasher on before I take off to get the kids from school. Hubby won't be too disappointed, I know. At least I got out and away from the computer for a while will be his reasoning.

Hopefully I can get back to Turnabout this evening. I did a little last night and it seemed to break the block I was feeling. I hate writer's block. If I want to do this for a living, I've got to find a way around it.

Might be back later, who knows.

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than I thought I would. Still have oodles of housework to do, but now I'm trying to betaread a fic and a post for IR:TNP. I am bound and determined though to have most of supper prepped before hubby gets home: he's supposed to have an 8 hour day but I'll believe that when I see it. Son #1 made my coffee today and it's COFFEE! Whoo hoo! Fortunately I like it on the strong side. Be back later, I hope.
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I'm looking around the house and seeing everything that needs to be done and I just cringe. I suppose that I'd better prioritize what needs doing: laundry and dishes being top priority. I'd like to work on Turnabout chapter 9; I got an idea for a wicked twist last night and I want to write it up. But the housework is making me feel guilty so off I go to soap-and-water land instead. I'll be back later with more news.

Oh, still can't get my response to Roger Ebert's scathing review of Thunderbirds (and more importantly, its fans) into the man's inbox. I'll try again later this afternoon and if not then, tomorrow.

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