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Nov. 30th, 2014 07:29 pm
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Yes, I am a winner.

That doesn't mean I'm finished. I am never finished at the end of NaNoWriMo.

Story is a Thunderbirds fanfic, Guardian Angels, Inc. I am not posting until it's finished and if it is, it'll go to my WordPress site first.
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Thunderbirds fanfic, based on a prompt from Tumblr's writeworld community.

The first is a sort of bare bones bit of story; not complete as I wasn't sure how to end it. The second is longer, and though I still don't know whether or not Lady Penelope lives or dies, she at least has a bit of hope ... I think. I'm not posting this on fanfiction.net unless it turns out to be part of my current NaNo novel.

Consider this an introduction to my new archive and blog site, too. I'd love feedback on the site itself, if you care to give it. 
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I was rather hoping I’d go on doing a drabble a day until the start of NaNo, but something came up today that brought the drabble train to a screeching halt in favor of my novel. I’ll talk about it in a moment, but first, a recap of the whole drabble a day experience.

Writing time frame: September 16th through 28th.

Posting time frame: September 17th through 30th

Total writing time: 13 days

Days missed: 1, leaving 12 writing days

Drabbles written: 15, plus an alternate ending for one. Only one of these I thought was sub-par.

Drabbles posted: 14 as of today.

So, it was pretty good. I only missed one day of writing and the rest saw one or more written.

Revelations )
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Wordle: Wizard fight
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Yes!! Another 50k on Moonstrike! Posted four days early with room to spare at 50,971!

Now, that doesn't mean I'm done with the story, but I have been writing the big stuff at the end. Definitely more to go! I'm gonna try to get the majority of this done by the 30th, which means lots of word wars with my wrimos, even I'm not counting the words for my total.

This is gonna end up as another corker, word-wise, I think, but far from the 300K that The White Winds clocked in at.

Still... woot!!
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tikatu sent to me...
Twelve hobbeths drumming
Eleven lillehafrues piping
Ten pfeffermuses a-leaping
Nine jeriwhos dancing
Eight theweasleyboys a-milking
Seven sidewinders a-reading
Six partly_bouncys a-writing
Five thu-u-u-underbirds
Four dogs
Three cats
Two girl genius
...and a nanowrimo in a pear tree.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Wordle: Tales from the Spruce Moose

New icon

Dec. 2nd, 2009 01:51 pm
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Now that NaNo is over, and I can't use my absolutely adorable ML icon anymore, I've created a new one for myself. It's based on the favicon my personal site has. T for Tikatu, and the cat... well, it's the best silhouette, I thought. Reminds me of Tika. I made a cool banner for myself to use during NaNo... it's on my old hard drive, though, which makes me sad.

Haven't written anything beyond this today, and I really should. I should get in the habit of writing something every day--something fictional, that is, and perhaps creating a "to do" list of all the things I want to get accomplished in the next few month. First, though, is getting my old drive to the techs, and seeing what they can pull off of it. I've put it off because of money woes, and now I can do something about it.

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Or just about. The TGIO party is tonight, and that's pretty much it. I'll write one more pep talk to send out.

All in all, it was a great year for me as an ML. There was a lot of excitement, especially from the newbies, and lots of things happening that we haven't had before. A Twitter, facebook page, google calendar, chat room--this last got pretty busy during the last few days as we helped some of our writers word war their way to 50K. We had 110 people post word counts (up from last year's 70+), and 39 winners from among that number. So many of them didn't come to a single write-in, party, nor did they post on the forums--which is kind of sad. They missed out on a lot of great cameraderie.

In other matters, I took the car to WalMart's Tire and Lube department for an oil change. The van really needed one. They changed the air filter, and told me there was some fluid leakage (probably something to do with the recall I got on the van last week. Need to contact the dealership to have it fixed.) I also got my hair cut.

I don't think I've been as dissatisfied with a cut as much as I am with this one. I had the majority of the length taken off, enough to donate to Locks Of Love once it dries. But the stylist gave me a "stack" cut, which is shorter in the back than it is up front. I thought the back was too short, and she didn't even up the sides, either. Probably would look better if the left side was as curly and fluffy as the right, but it isn't. The discrepancy is pretty obvious. I may go back and have her fix it. We'll see. At least it's only hair and it WILL grow back, even if I'm looking at 6-12 months for it to be long enough to cut again.

Well, I'm waiting for Hubby's call, though I may send the Girl out to fetch him. I feel like I've been in the car all day. And the doctor gave me a muscle relaxant and another script for naproxen for that pain in my side. I didn't mention the idea that I had about the kidney stone. He has also "prescribed" a pedicure.
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Nuff said!
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So, I'll put my NaNoWriMo widget in my posts.

I'm doing very well, actually. Chris Baty has a challenge of 15K by Monday; I think I'll take him up on that.

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Okay. My new NaNoWriMo novel is all about Brains. Problem is, Hiram Hackenbacker and Mr. X are aliases that he chose for himself. He has revealed his "real" name in other places, and it was intimated that he had done this more than once, with different names each time. I know about Homer Newton III, which he revealed on the children's show, "What's Up Doc". What are the other names that he has revealed?  Can anyone remember?

Homer Newton III isn't a bad name, it's just not the name I'd picture a Cambridge don giving his adopted son, even if he was Homer Newton Jr. or II. So, I'd like to have some others to choose from if anyone can remember them.


PS: Feel free to cross post this to other communities.

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Gonna make this as quick and painless as possible.

Hubby: The meds seem to be kicking in. For a couple of mornings this week, he had good bg numbers. The dietician says he should take his bg before bed, and not before supper. That way they can see if the meds are working overnight. He's got an appointment for a diabetic nutrition seminar on Oct. 15. I'm going with him as I could use the refresher. He's found that some of the McDonald's around here serve diet Dr. Pepper, which has pleased him no end.

The Girl: She still needs to buy some books for her classes. She's finding her design class to be tougher than she thought. She's also reconnected with one of her friends from church (who no longer goes there either).

Boy #1: He's been asked to join the academic team; I tell him he should join because he's smart. He's decided to do NaNo this year; his English teacher requires that her students enter three writing contests during the year. She says NaNo will count for all three. I talked to her about it and about the YWP on Open House night. Who knows, maybe she'll join up, too. She also asked him how he could do so well in his classes (his progress report is all A's with just 1 B) when he reads so much.

Boy #2: He's back to afterschool stuff on Thursdays. Legos Robotics and Math Counts. They're planning on fielding a Robotics team this year; I can hardly wait to see how this goes. His progress report was good, too. He's only getting Bs in his Honors classes.

Me: I'm trying to get back into a lower-carb lifestyle myself, but it's hard. Writing is coming slowly, which isn't good as I'll want to pick up the pace for NaNo this year. Put up the next chapter of The White Winds last night. This story will be a good 300K when it's finally done. Let out a little squee when I got my 500th review! I'm going to try and wrap it up in October and get it out of my hair before NaNo I also need to work on my RP posts; that's my goal for today. 

Not much to say about the pets, except that Kami is doing things that both of our departed cats liked to do. She's killing snakes and trying to drink from the bathtub like Callie used to, and likes to come into the bathroom like Tika used to. Was quite the shock to find the present she left in the kitchen: a dead snake! Oh, and we lost one of the immortal striped danios. Down to two fish in the tank.

Rainy and cool today. Feels like fall. Wish it would stay this cool.

That's all for now. Over and out.

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Well, it's officially over. We had our regional TGIO (Thank God It's Over) party last night. It was really cool to see all these new faces - and sad not to see some of the old ones. My final word count: 61,084. I'll update the ML Wiki later on with the cookbook stats. I actually went through the entire affiliates list and counted those who weren't homed with Greenville, and those who were and didn't participate. Brought the number of 245 affiliates down to 74 active participants. Of those 74, 27 finished the course. That's 38.5% win ratio, which I think is pretty cool for our area.

My story is far from finished (but y'all knew that, didn't you?). I'm making a commitment - call it a pre-New Year's resolution - to write 1000 words of fiction a day. Whether it's on one of my WIPs, my NaNo novels or what, 1000 words should be a piece of cake - as long as there are no extenuating circumstances, like going away for the day or becoming deathly ill.

I'm also going to solicit concrit on this year's NaNo novel from my f-list. When I say this, I mean a tightly filtered list of my personal friends in a f-locked post. I really think this has potential to be a published work - as in printed on dead-tree products and sold in stores - but if I post it to somewhere public and digital, like Fictionpress, it's been published already, and that puts me in a bind. So I'll be posting sections here for constructive criticism, and if you want to help me with that, please let me know so I can add you to my concrit filter. Please don't ask to be put on the list just so you can read the bits and pieces; I need the honest feedback so I can polish this story to a fine sheen.

In other matters, Windows Live Groups finally made its debut. I created a group called Tracy Island just to see what the service has to offer. I'm still thinking heavily about creating my own website; it will allow for so much more creativity as far as webpages are concerned. I can use HTML in discussion posts, but I have to put up with their themes on the home page. No more caption games if I move it all here. I do like the photo upload function, and I can create albums. I'm asking the members at IR Central and Tracy Island IR to check it out and give me their thoughts. If it meets with approval, so be it. If not, Plan B.
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Your rainbow is intensely shaded white, indigo, and blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created. People are loyal to you and see you as a natural leader. People depend on you to make them feel secure.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

I have to admit, this NaNo has been a good experience, both as a writer and as an ML. I've hopefully learned from my mistakes, and I have the basis for a decent piece of children's/young adult fiction to work with during this next year.

There's still time to finish and win, those of you who are near the end. And for those of you who didn't or can't, there's next year. Please consider giving back to NaNo, even a little bit, by using GoodSearch, or by donating something. I'm going to check the bank balance and see what I can give... won't be much, but I've been given something valuable this year and it's only fair that I give back.

I still have the TGIO party for Tuesday, then it's over for the year.
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Now what, you ask? Well, going back in with the large bucket of spackle and filling in all the holes, that's what! I made a list of scenes that need to be written and decided to start with a scene I had jumped from.

I had left Erasmus having a little chat with Owen, vicar of La Fontaine. So I needed to finish the chat, which meant coming up with a Burke's Peerage-type entry for Alain (and for Marcus, while I was at it). So, I spent the afternoon using the entry that Dorothy Sayers came up with for Peter Wimsey as a template, then creating educational backgrounds, figuring out how old they are, what they do for recreation (have to write something up with Marcus playing chess!), clubs they belong to... all sorts of things! Took me quite a while, but I think I got something workable.

So the conversation is continuing. At dinner, I came up with the way that Elise and Alain met (though it's kind of corny perhaps - it would be kind of nice if they met while she was on her world tour - then again, that's how she met the Shaunessy family). I've figured out (I think) how her first husband died, and where MacLeod ties into that. I have a background for Alain's divorce and his separation from his daughter, though Owen doesn't know all the details (such as Mary Suzette not wanting to care for a cripple).

So though I haven't done a lot of writing today, I have been doing a lot of planning for the rest of the book.

Boy #1 has just reminded me that I have to publish this thing and become a best seller. Hey, if Stephanie Meyer could do it, so can I.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 05:55 pm
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'Nuff said.
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You Are 2: The Helper

You always put on a happy face and try to help those around you.

You're incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know.

Able to see the good in others, you're thoughtful, warm, and sincere.

You connect with people who are charming and charismatic.

At Your Best: You are deeply giving, altruistic, and humble. You devote your life to others while caring for yourself too.

At Your Worst: You are manipulative and enjoy making other people guilty.

Your Fixation: Rejection

Your Primary Fear: Being unworthy of love

Your Primary Desire: To be loved unconditionally

Other Number 2's: Mother Teresa, John Travolta, Princess Diana, Dr. Phil, and Mr. Rogers.

On other fronts, I'm less than 2000 words to the goal of 50K. The story won't be finished, but I want to write the ending, at least in these 2000 words. I can go back and finish the rest - there's a lot of stuff I skipped over - but getting the ending down will make it feel finished. I have a write-in today, but I'm going to try and do as much as I can before then.

As for Boy #2, he stayed home from school yesterday, getting back into the swing of eating. I now suspect that it was some bad milk that made him sick; the Girl complained about it yesterday morning. The date was good, but the milk wasn't and I know he drank some with his cookies on Thursday evening. Better that than a bug going around the household.

Baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last night. Just as good as before. I'm taking some with me to the write-in as treats.

Man, I am sleepy! Might be wise for me to take a nap... or finish my coffee.

ETA: This one is for my fellow Thunderbirds fans: FF.net has finally added a Thunderbirds section to Movies. I've moved The White Winds over there.

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