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The shelter had a "$5 Felines, $15 Fidos" because they were overcrowded. I figured this was the right time to get a new companion for Kami as we don't actually know how much longer Inky has (he's 12). So my daughter and I went out on Thursday to see if someone new caught our eye.

There were some torties that reminded me of Tika, (;_;) as well as a couple of dilute blues which reminded the Girl of Callie. There were some really pretty calicos, the kinds with dramatic patches of dark and light on white fur. But the one who really captured our hearts was a skinny brown tabby who actually climbed up on the Girl's shoulder when we took her out of the cage.

The shelter named her Cindy. We've since renamed her Willow. She is definitely a people cat and though introductions to the other cats has been relatively smooth so far, it's the introduction to the dogs that has us wary. Lacey has been mostly curious--hackles slightly raised, tail wagging, and following Willow to sniff her butt. (Willow freaks at this, of course.) But Chala? She sees prey and barks loudly whenever Willow shows her face in the kitchen--which really freaks Willow out! We've had to double the gate to keep Willow in the back of the house as she's skinny enough to pass through the bars. We let her out into the rest of the house when the dogs are in bed. Even then, Chala will bark. Truth be told, neither Chala nor Kami has gone through this "adding a new cat" business before, something we have kept in mind as we do this.

Otherwise, so far, so good. Boy #2 came up with the name Willow; he said her disappearing act whenever a dog approached reminded him of a will o' the wisp, which he mangled as willow wisp. I think Wisp would have been a good name for her, too.

Pics to come when I beg them from the Girl. If you're a friend on FB, there are some posted there.
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Yeah, for the first time this winter, it's snowing here in SC. We've had rain for the past three days; good steady rain, the kind that soaks deep into the ground and sticks. Today, though some of that rain was mixed with sleet, leaving little grains of ice on our "new" side porch (the old fort from the backyard, almost gutted and moved to the side door). Then it began to mix with snow, and turn over to snow completely around 5 p.m.. So very good to see after such a snowless winter. We've even had thunder with this: thundersnow is pretty rare no matter where you go.

Looks like about an inch so far, with an accumlation of 3 to 6 inches possible by the time the storm pulls out - a least, that's what the weather authorities say. And since this is evening, and the temperature will only go down, it shouldn't melt right away, as it did for my friend from Alabama. She says that her snow is all gone. The kids are looking forward to having a day off from school. It's Hubby's first week of annual leave, so he doesn't have to worry about work at all.

Yikes! Something just hit the roof. The Girl is going out to check, taking Lacey out with her so the dog can do her business - if she will. Sometimes she's a really prissy dog about doing her business in the weather. She's been growling and giving little "woofs" at the kids next door playing in the snow. The noise of whatever it was scared Cotton, who hid under my desk. She has now come out and is watching the snow fall through my door. I offered to let her out, but she took a couple of sniffs and decided that warm and dry was better than cold and wet.

The Girl is back now; says she didn't see anything, even with a flashlight. Things that fall on the roof tend to sound louder than they should. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a clump of mistletoe from our oak tree.

I have to admit, I really miss the snow at times. But the fact that we don't have it very often makes it easier to appreciate when it does arrive.

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I forgot to mention that we had another possum in the area (that's an opossum, to you in the North).

Lacey and Boy #2 encountered it when taking Lacey out for her evening constitutional. It ran into the back yard, where Bo, the beagle next door, started baying at it as it climbed the chain link between our yard and his.

We'd been hearing something scrabbling around under our bathroom, particularly under the tub. Since there's no door over our access point to the crawlspace beneath the house, there was the thought that perhaps this was the possum, trying to keep warm by taking up residence there. I made the Girl put all the cat food into Tupperware boxes (as we keep it in a cabinet that's semi-open to the underside of the house - our house is very, very weird), and lock the cat door so that egress was blocked.

I took Lacey out later for her last evening constitutional before bed, and heard what sounded like two heavy-duty firecrackers going off in fairly quick succession. My thought was that someone shot it.

To discover just why a possum in the area is such a big deal for us, check out my fictionalized account of our first encounter with a possum: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1660593/1/A_Possum_Tale.
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Yeah. The kids have all gone away for the weekend. Up to NC, to a good camp there. The Girl's friend invited them all - sort of under her siblings' names - and so they won't be back until Sunday sometime.

The house is very, very quiet, with the dog mourning her boy going away, and the Demon Cat deciding that I'm her surrogate mother (she's been doing this for a couple of weeks now, actually).

It might help me with my NaNo novel to have the quiet, though tomorrow I have a write-in, which will help even more.

Speaking of that, I'm looking for 15K today; just making the bare minimum will put me over. The story is flowing, but I'm sort of caught between delineating things too much, and not delineating things enough. And Siobhan is at the forefront right now. I need to catch the other characters and get their backgrounds filled out.

In another, totally unrelated note, the Girl's friend's father ran a write-in campaign for Soil and Water Conservation board, and won. This is cool, because he had a stroke a few weeks ago and is undergoing rehab. I'll be sure to have the local news on this evening; the NBC affiliate wanted to do an interview. Congrats, Dave!!

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It was cold out when I took the dog out for walkies this morning. Cold and windy, enough to bite right through my sweater. So, I put on my heavier jacket for subsequent walkies, and kept my sweater on in the house. One of the neighbors told me she put her heat on last night because it had gotten so cold in her house that she felt she was freezing her babies.

Out of curiosity, I checked the temperature on the thermostat when passing by to get some more hot coffee. What I saw startled me. The thermostat registered 57.

57 degrees. It hasn't been this cold in the house in ages. In the evenings, especially on those days when I baked, it's been reading a comfortable 68. We've been trying hard not to turn the heat on, to keep it off as long as possible and keep the costs down.

57 degrees. It was the last straw. I broke down and turned on the heater. Not too much, mind you, just to a slightly more comfortable 64. Maybe I'll bake again this afternoon and heat that part of the house up. And keep my sweater on. At least, inside, I'm out of that wind!

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Clear blue sky, temperatures in the low 70s... a fabulous, brisk breeze. Feels like fall in South Carolina. I have the side door open and both windows in the living room - with the AC unit off! The bugs aren't too bad at the moment, though I should find something to cover the doorway and keep more of them out.

The maples are already turning color. I hear there's a bumper crop of apples up in Hendersonville - I want to go there this year and get some good cooking apples.

Lacey has been very demanding today, seems she wants to go out every time I turn around. With the weather like this, I don't blame her, but it makes my day all the harder.

I think I'm going to turn off the other ACs tonight before I hit the hay. The one in back needs some cleaning out, and all of them should have their filters cleared. If the weather remains this good, I'll have Hubby put them up this weekend.
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Yes, the kiddos started school today. Boy #1 had a half-day of freshman orientation yesterday, and Boy #2 got his books and schedule last night. He has at least two of his brother's former teachers, and the science teacher says he'll have to develop some sort of extra work for him since his science scores are through the roof. Boy #1 got only one of the Girl's old teachers, but he's one that will likely remember her.

We had almost the usual mix up with buses; Boy #2 got off just fine (a result of talking to the transportation people at the "Meet the teacher" thing last night), but the high schoolers didn't, resulting in my driving them to school. Fortunately, we were prepared, and I took the Hubby to work this morning. I told the two that they had to ride the bus home, and I have an email in to the transporation concerns people. Hopefully they'll get back to me today. 

Lacey's been whining off and on all day, missing the kids and wanting to go out and sniff around. No doing her business or anything, just the usual "Gotta see who's out there" stuff. Other than that, things have been very quiet. I expect Boy #2 to show up at any time now; then he can take the dog out.

Good news!

Apr. 22nd, 2008 03:35 pm
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Way back in January, when the whole family went to have our collective eyes examined, the doctor was a bit concerned about some of my results. There seemed to be some indication that pressure in my eyes was damaging my optic nerve. Pairing that with some other factors - my BP and sugar issues - made him utter the dreaded word: glaucoma. As a result, he wanted me back in three months for a recheck. Today was the day.

I'm glad to say he was pleasantly surprised. The pressure in my eyes seems to have resolved itself! I understand that there would have been many more tests to come up with a conclusive diagnosis, but now I don't have to go through that. 

The puppy's tired out from playing indoor fetch with me. She's been bringing the racquetball for me to kick and toss inside the house. This is a ball that she can almost play with herself. She bites on it with the side of her mouth and sometimes it pops out and goes bouncing off walls for her to chase. She'd rather I help her play, though. At one point, I tried to kick the ball, and managed to hit the printer stand instead. I know I've done something there - I can actually feel it - but I can't see any swelling or bruising. I'll look again later.

Did some interesting things at FanHistory today. Started a list of fandom members for Thunderbirds, partially to see who has had pages created for them by the site's FF.net bot, and partially because, well, I don't know of anyone else who will. I also got to play around and create a custom Thunderbirds userbox for myself. Anyone who wants to use it is quite welcome to do so. I guess I'll have to start writing some of the background of the show, too.

Today's prompt on
[profile] all_unwrittenseems to be made for Thunderbirds. I'll roll it over in my head a bit and see what I can come up with. Then maybe I can work on The White Winds. Lord knows I need to!

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Yes, I'm up at 2 a.m. I'm usually up at this time of night; rare are the evenings I go to bed earlier than this.

Tonight (this morning) though, I had a bit of an experience. Not earthshattering or anything, but just some reflections and observations on this particular 2 a.m.

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I guess I'm living in them.

It's been an interesting past few days. We got the notice over the weekend that Boy #1 has been invited to go to the Arts Awakening weekend again. It'll be over his dad's birthday, but that's okay. We'll celebrate at some other point. The weekend camp is sp onsored by the YMCA for the public schools, is by invitation only, and this is the second year that he's been tapped for the honor. He's already said he doesn't want to go up into the high ropes like last year - and I hope he doesn't get sick like last year either.

Last night we had an interesting visitor. I had taken Lacey out for a constitutional and heard a scrabbling on the bark of one of the pecan trees between our yard and the neighbors'. The scrabbling turned out to be something climbing said tree. At first I thought it was Tika, with her tail all puffed out, but once I got the back yard spotlights on, I could see it was a raccoon! It got up into the first split of the pecan tree's branches, 15+ feet up, and stayed there as long as Lacey was outside. So, I tied her out and went looking for the camera. The Girl was still awake, so we grabbed a flashlight and the digital camera and headed out to take pictures. At one point, we disturbed the neighbors, who came out and asked what was going on. He was rather impressed that Lacey had treed a 'coon!

The new dishwasher is very good! It really cleans the dishes well, and has a disposal portion, too. It seems to take longer than the old one did, but it dries the dishes and everything gets really clean. It even works with the solid detergent tabs that I'd bought before the old one went completely.

We finally got Hubby a much-needed cell phone. He doesn't like it, but admits it makes his life on the road a lot easier. We've also used some of the tax refund to buy the rest of the fencing - not including gates. It came this past Thursday, and I'm looking forward to Hubby being able to get it all up.

I was featured on the FanLib carousel today - with my drabble "Green", excerpted from Mosaic. I'd entered it into a drabble contest, but hadn't won. This is a better reward, I think. I'm working hard on finishing one or more WIPs; new chapters up for The White Winds and Resolutions: Redux, with a second TWW chapter halfway done. The RP has picked up tremendously over the past couple of weeks and it looks like we may have another player - this time from Australia. We'll have to really shuffle things around for her to make it to brainstorming sessions!

More later!

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