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I'd much prefer to have one where I can use a custom image as a header like I do on my tumblr and WordPress build. But a lot of the comms that might have that available are closed down for one reason or another. I found a nice style at a defunct comm but when I turned off my userpics in each comment, it left an ampersand behind--something I couldn't get rid of! So, this bright, big, and very bold theme will do for now.
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Well, it's been a week, and I've managed to write one drabble a day, sometimes more. Of the six I wrote in my previous update, all have been posted. Of the ones I've written since then, only one of them is what I'd consider sub-par and it brought out a 2 a.m. inspiration.Two drabbles were about Penny and one was about Tin-Tin. One of the Penny drabbles is currently being Brit-picked (I hope). I've taken the time to download the all_unwritten picture prompts into a folder for easier retrieval. Not quite done with that project yet. I've also started adding to the prompts at [livejournal.com profile] fic_simplicity. It's been over 2 years since that comm has seen any action! I plan on trying to add a prompt a week. I've also updated Tikatu's Corner with the first five of these challenge drabbles.

Set written since last time:
--Shattered, all_unwritten prompt #374, "It only took a second to change everything."*
--A Perilous Wait, all_unwritten prompt #336, waiting for him*
--Unexpected Proposal, all_unwritten prompt #1408, "Will you marry me?"*
--Before The Fall, all_unwritten prompt #44, a moment of silence
--Last Rites, all_unwritten photo prompt #720, a picture of a church door opening, as seen from the inside
--Mayday, fic_simplicity prompt #37, critical malfunction
--End of the Line, all_uwritten prompt #472, the brakes screamed (spelled "breaks" in the prompt, I took some liberty to use a different spelling. This is the one I think isn't quite as good.)

So, all in all, 13 drabbles in 7 days. Not bad!
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Finally finished a bit of stuff that I didn't know was supposed to be part of Moonstrike! The more I post it at FanNation, the more I want to post it at ff.net. The files are there; I've uploaded them to ff.net to use their HTML capacity, which I've copied to FanNation as well as to my website files. I've had a couple of reviews, which have made me really happy (also got one for The White Winds today at FanNation - a bit of a shock, that!)

I just want this story to work, to be right, before I post it to ff.net. I want Rhea to be real, and to be part of the Tracy family without warping it too much. I've gone to the length of rewriting some of the family background, using ideas that aren't contradicted by canon (Jeff has siblings; Lucy has a part in planning IR before her death.) as well as bringing things out that are found in comics canon (John and Brains going to college together.) So far, I've got five chapters, and only one scene with Rhea!

So, I'm asking for feedback. The story allows for anonymous reviews, and you can find it here: Moonstrike! I'd post it here, but I've always found live journal awkward for just about anything other than short stuff. However, if people would like to see it here, I'm game to do it. I could also post it at devART for thems what wants it.

FanFiction.net is the site that gets the most traffic of all for Thunderbirds fanfiction. It's also the one glutted with the Tracy sister fics. As much as I crave the reviews, I want the story to be worth it.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...
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My daughter made this for me today, between classes. As far as I know, I can keep all my current user pics when my paid trial ends tomorrow. Wondering if I should get another six up there...
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I'm going to make some more icons (or steal a few), because I can keep them, and I'm changing over to a paid theme - though I'm not sure if I can keep that. I'd love to make my own banner, etc., but my CSS is nowhere near where I could do it myself.

I'll see how it goes.
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Have you ever had someone in your life who wants to rewrite their history? Instead of being seen as acting selfish, or vain, or jealous, or generally unhinged, they want you to edit things you have said to make them look good? To remove those times when they were selfish, or vain, or jealous, or whatever else they might have done?

I have.

Since 2006, someone has been so obsessed with the way they look to others that they’ve wanted me to erase or lock or ignore what they’ve said and did to me… mostly by harassing me into locking up journal entries that showed a less-than-perfect side to them. The main portion of the harassment happened in August 2008 (two full years after the event that made me vent so strongly about it), but just today I received two more emails about that whole subject. I really should have gone with what I’d said in my last missive to this woman back in 2008, and opened up all the posts to public scrutiny. Since she contacted me twice, even after I specifically told her not to, I will likely file a complaint with her ISP. She has written me emails using new addresses that I’ve had to block. She has been stalking my blogs and my personal sites, and the whole gist of it is, that though I forgave her of what she did long, long ago, she can’t let it go. She won’t let it go. She has to look perfect, and so she wants all that time, and everything she did and said swept under the rug and forgotten.

During the last bout of harassment, I really tried to be patient. I tried to explain my side of things. I did as much as I was going to… which fell short of actually deleting my vents and complaints about what happened. And when some of those vents and posts reappeared due to a migration from one service to another, that’s when she decided it was time to revisit the situation. So, since she couldn’t contact me using my new blog, she had to stalk my personal site and contact me from there. She knew that she couldn’t use my normal address as I had probably blocked all the addresses she had used before. In fact, I think she used one of her mother’s addresses to email me this time. Her second email (after I’d specifically told her not to respond) just showed me how much she just has to excuse her actions.

In that last email, she promised to stop. Somehow, I know that if I write anything at all about the situation again, I’ll be hearing from her… unless, that is, her ISP takes her internet privileges away.

This post is public, which I warned her I would make it. Comments by non-friends are screened by default. If you want any more information on the specifics, I will be glad to give them to you.

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Got my first lj spammers this past week. Figured out that they were spammers because one of them asked, "what song is this, and where can I get it?" when my music that day was "the rumble of the air conditioner".  I would f-lock all my posts, but I screen comments anyway, so taking a moment out to visit their profiles will help me figure out if they're legit.

I mean, who pulls this crap? Obviously they've got a lot of time on their hands...

ETA: This comment itself has gotten it's share of spammers, so I'm disabling comments. Of course, all the spammers have been reported as such and blocked.

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When I went on the site today, I noticed that the ads, which I thought I'd banished with their Adblocker yesterday, were back. I activated their Adblocker again, and found out you can no longer get rid of them for three days at a time. Now it's down to just one day.

Do you think this little fact is on the homepage?

Nope. Not there. I think they don't want people to notice--though their customer base will realize the change soon enough.

It used to be that you could get a paid account at ff.net. I had one. For less than $20 a year, I had several perks (like traffic stats) and an Adblocker which worked for 30 days. Not just three, and certainly not a measly one. Then, little by little, the paid for perks were whittled away and offered to all and sundry. The paid for account became less and less appealing, then they dropped it entirely.

This just had to happen when I've been getting really irked by livejournal's interstitial ads. I have a plus account (I think that's what they call it), and while I don't mind the banner ads so much (after all, I knew they were going to be there when I signed up for this type of account), the interstitials take up the whole page and usually involve both video and sound. This can sometimes take my touchy sound card down. They also don't always disappear after you click on the "X". The picture might, but the sound remains. Whether or not this is a technical glitch, I'm not sure, but it's certainly a PITA.

If Fanfiction.net wasn't such a central, easy-to-use archive, and the main archive of my fandom, I'd probably not use it at all. I have most of my fics archived at both Lunaescence and FanNation, neither of which have these annoying ads. (I don't consider lj to be fanfic friendly; the only things I've posted here have been on drabble communities.)  I'm beginning to wonder if I should post any new stuff at one of the other places and link to my ff.net profile.

It might be a good thing for fanfiction.net to perhaps offer a paid subscription again--if they can come up with some perks that would make it worthwhile. It certainly could help their bottom line, and let the rest of the site go back to a three-day holiday from ads, instead of just one. The way things are going, though, their little Adblocker comment is becoming less and less true. Pretty soon, they'll be giving up that "compromise between showing ads to offset operating costs and crossing the line to the point of annoying our users." In fact. they might already have. 
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I found it too hard to read. So, I changed.

One of these days I want to create my own theme--it's just trying to figure out what I want that's the hard part.
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... that you can minimize the chance that your journal entries will show up in search engines? I didn't.

Click on Home, then Manage Accounts, then Viewing Options. Scroll down to the selections that says "Search Inclusion" and check the ticky box there. It will keep your journal out of search engines and external sites that recognize this request (not all of them do, so making a post you don't want to show up in searches "friends-only" is best).

So, if privacy is important to you, clicking on this "Search inclusion" thing will help your journal to stay out of sight. Just a thought.

And in other news, I finally chose a place for our area NaNoWriMo kick-off party and set a time and date for it. I also set up the usual write-ins at the usual place, but I want to set up a few more to make it easy for Wrimos in the area to congregate and challenge each other.  Now to figure out what's going into the goodie bags and how to pay for them!

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