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Yeah, this isn't writing or fandom related but it's important!

Over the past couple of years, Hubby and I have backed a number of different Kickstarters. We backed two collected volumes of a favorite webcomic, Girl Genius, ending up with hardcover versions and a number of cool rewards for our support. Hubby has backed several games, most by his favorite game designer, James Earnest. He tries to choose games we'll play as a family, like Pairs, a new card game. With our shipment on that one, we got three different sets of cards (one with artwork from the Girl Genius artists, Phil and Kaja Foglio) and the extra game, Falling. We're still waiting on our copies of three different games from the Pack O' Games line published by Perplext, but otherwise, we have pretty much everything we backed last year.

Even though Hubby swore he wouldn't back any games this year, two have come up that we both felt we had to have!

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The shelter had a "$5 Felines, $15 Fidos" because they were overcrowded. I figured this was the right time to get a new companion for Kami as we don't actually know how much longer Inky has (he's 12). So my daughter and I went out on Thursday to see if someone new caught our eye.

There were some torties that reminded me of Tika, (;_;) as well as a couple of dilute blues which reminded the Girl of Callie. There were some really pretty calicos, the kinds with dramatic patches of dark and light on white fur. But the one who really captured our hearts was a skinny brown tabby who actually climbed up on the Girl's shoulder when we took her out of the cage.

The shelter named her Cindy. We've since renamed her Willow. She is definitely a people cat and though introductions to the other cats has been relatively smooth so far, it's the introduction to the dogs that has us wary. Lacey has been mostly curious--hackles slightly raised, tail wagging, and following Willow to sniff her butt. (Willow freaks at this, of course.) But Chala? She sees prey and barks loudly whenever Willow shows her face in the kitchen--which really freaks Willow out! We've had to double the gate to keep Willow in the back of the house as she's skinny enough to pass through the bars. We let her out into the rest of the house when the dogs are in bed. Even then, Chala will bark. Truth be told, neither Chala nor Kami has gone through this "adding a new cat" business before, something we have kept in mind as we do this.

Otherwise, so far, so good. Boy #2 came up with the name Willow; he said her disappearing act whenever a dog approached reminded him of a will o' the wisp, which he mangled as willow wisp. I think Wisp would have been a good name for her, too.

Pics to come when I beg them from the Girl. If you're a friend on FB, there are some posted there.
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Within just a day, I’ve had the pleasure of hauling out my Thunderbirds knowledge (with all the attendant books and other paraphernalia) to help a couple of fellow fanfic writers and personal friends. It was certainly fun, especially all the stuff about Alan Tracy’s educational background. Add to this my posting the first chapter of one of my short stories (Burning Muses) at AO3 and uploading a new post to my RP, and I’m full of Thunderbirds at the moment. It’s given me quite a hunger for fic and for writing or editing what I already have up. I edited the first chapter of Burning Muses, making it tighter. In many respects it was like my edit of the little scene I wrote a few days ago. The changes I made brought forth Brains’s voice and made him less … poetic. (Because if Brains is anything, it is NOT poetic.)

Then, there was the chatter at the dinner table. We went from Gosford Park to Downton Abbey (which we have not seen) to Acorn (which streams Downton Abbey), and then to Netflix – where movies are more plenteous in DVD than in streaming. This led to BBC America (and how we could get it on cable), to other premium cable services, to Game of Thrones and whether or not the TV series matched the novels. That particular thought brought out movies that didn’t match their source material – Boy #2 brought up the Percy Jackson movie (The Lightning Thief). This brought the whole shebang back to … Thunderbirds! The Girl’s comment: “I knew there was another kids movie like that! ” Hubby brought up that Frakes had said in an post-film interview that he directed the movie that the producers wanted, even though he knew the fans would be “annoyed by it” (Hubby’s words, not Frakes’s.) I promptly chimed in. “Annoyed? Annoyed?” Which, of course, is far too mild a term to describe the old guard’s intense hatred of the film.

Maybe if he’d stayed closer to the source material, we’d have had another Thunderbirds movie. After all,  there will be another Percy Jackson film, coming out this year.

Some fandoms get all the luck…

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I was rather hoping I’d go on doing a drabble a day until the start of NaNo, but something came up today that brought the drabble train to a screeching halt in favor of my novel. I’ll talk about it in a moment, but first, a recap of the whole drabble a day experience.

Writing time frame: September 16th through 28th.

Posting time frame: September 17th through 30th

Total writing time: 13 days

Days missed: 1, leaving 12 writing days

Drabbles written: 15, plus an alternate ending for one. Only one of these I thought was sub-par.

Drabbles posted: 14 as of today.

So, it was pretty good. I only missed one day of writing and the rest saw one or more written.

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Since Camp NaNoWriMo was such a bust for me (August is way busy at my house. Who knew?) I'm going to get myself back into the "writing daily routine" by doing a "drabble-a-day" challenge. If you want to join in, feel free. I'm using the traditional definition of a drabble: a story of exactly 100 words. I'm also trying to write fandom drabbles (mostly Thunderbirds as I know that best) using prompts from various sources -- particuarly [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten. Not all their prompts are in their prompt list; however, I went through and copied the list to a file, adding the ones that weren't on there. If you want a copy, poke me via email and I'll send it along.

So far, I've written a very depressing drabble and added it to Mosaic. Today I wrote two, one because a bunny bit for a missing scenelet and the other because I'd depressed one of my readers with yesterday's drabble. If anyone could give me some beta/feedback on them, I'd be much obliged. [livejournal.com profile] thatgirlsix is currently swamped by real life (love, hugs, and prayers to you and yours, Six!) and [livejournal.com profile] funkycheese has started back to teaching. (Girlfriend, you really need to update that name!)

Well, the Hubby is on his way home in our cute little 2006 Chevy Aveo (the Girl's daily commute to university really underscored the need for a second car, one with way better gas mileage and fewer repair issues. Credit unions are simply awesome at this loan thing.) I'll post pictures of it when I can pry them out of the Girl's camera.

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Lake wind advisory for our area means my windchimes in front and back are dancing while there's a God Almighty draft through the tatterered weather stripping on the side door (thank you very much, Inky and Kami). The kids are playing either Okami (PS2) or Pokémon (DS). I have a crockpot full of chicken corn chowder going in the kitchen. Hubby has the car so I don't have to pick him up. Fortunately for him, his thermal underwear was ready for him to wear today as I'm very sure he needed it.

More later if I'm in the mood.
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Had a lovely Independence Day celebration! Went down to my Bro's house for grilled burgers and hot dogs. SIL made her potato salad and cole slaw. I brought what ended up being a rather expensive salad based on one my SIs made when we were in MA last August. It included baby spinach, romaine lettuce, blueberries, dried cranberries, raspberries (she used strawberries, I chose the other), glazed walnuts, and goat cheese, tossed in a light raspberry vinaigrette. (I saved the goat cheese on the side for those who might be turned off by it.) The salad was a big hit with most everyone - except Mr. Picky Eater Boy #2. I'll make it again sometime, I'm sure.

Then we went to Heritage Park for a concert by the Greenville Symphony Orchestra, followed by a fireworks show. We'd had some rain during the day, but early enough that the grass wasn't too wet, and the temperatures were cool. The conductor, Edvard Tchivzhel, is originally from Russia and defected 20 years ago. He has a lovely accent that made some of his between-the-pieces introductions rather humorous. They did the 1812 Overture with real Civil War cannons! Wow! Hearing those go off made the fireworks sound tame by comparison.

The Girl is now at their house for a full week - she doesn't have any classes, and wants to spend some time with her cousin. It will make life around here quieter, and the boys will have to pull a little more weight around the house.

All in all it was a good day with family... kinda like these things are meant to be.
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My daughter made this for me today, between classes. As far as I know, I can keep all my current user pics when my paid trial ends tomorrow. Wondering if I should get another six up there...
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Been working on coding things for my personal fiction site. I’ve finished and posted Mosaic – though that will be updated when the muse strikes – and I’m working on The White Winds. There’s still lots to do, but I’m almost halfway through the chapter formatting. I’ve managed to get it down to a routine. Open the .txt files, put in the chapter coding snippet for each chapter. Scroll down and add the back and forward buttons snippet. Tweak them to the proper chapter numbers. Remove the “next time, next chapter” stuff and paste it in a .txt file. Scroll up; add new title and cut the teasers and disclaimer. Then save as a .shtml file. Leave them all open, find a scene divider and change it with the short horizontal line snippet. Copy that, and do a global replace on all open files. Do a preview skim to make sure things look right, then save and close all. Really, I just did about 15 chapters and it only took an hour or so.

Seriously, the biggest time eater is finding images for the splash pages and writing the foreword. On Mosaic, it took me beyond forever to figure out which screencaps to use (and I found I’d duplicated some from earlier stories), and then the free photos that spoke to the drabbles. For The White Winds, I’ve asked my daughter to update a piece of cast art that she’d done for me earlier. Her artwork has progressed soooo very far that she was embarrassed by the old stuff. Since I’m working so quickly on coding this, I should poke her about that piece.

I’m also trying to decide if I should add my two non-Thunderbirds one-shots to the One Shots book. I’ve done one for The Incredibles, and one for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My fanfiction is so heavily Thunderbirds-oriented, but these deserve a home, too. (They are posted on ff.net and on FanNation.) Tell me what you think about that.

In other writing news, I’ve pulled most of my work from Lunaescence Archives. I have several reasons for this. Things that were broken aren’t being fixed is one of them (thinking of forum registration here), but an increasing dissatisfaction with the way the archive is being run, and the ever-stronger skew toward anime and manga (and reader-insert) stories are probably stronger reasons. I’m sad about this, really; so many archives tend to go downhill once their owners are no longer involved in running and upgrading them. And now this has happened (IMHO) to Luna. (Yes, this puts me in mind of Thunderbirds Central, and parts of IR:TNP that need updating, too.)

As far as my personal “cyberstalker” (Lillehafrue’s term) is concerned, I haven’t heard from her again. Hopefully, I never will.

Back to the HTML editor, Batman!

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Or just about. The TGIO party is tonight, and that's pretty much it. I'll write one more pep talk to send out.

All in all, it was a great year for me as an ML. There was a lot of excitement, especially from the newbies, and lots of things happening that we haven't had before. A Twitter, facebook page, google calendar, chat room--this last got pretty busy during the last few days as we helped some of our writers word war their way to 50K. We had 110 people post word counts (up from last year's 70+), and 39 winners from among that number. So many of them didn't come to a single write-in, party, nor did they post on the forums--which is kind of sad. They missed out on a lot of great cameraderie.

In other matters, I took the car to WalMart's Tire and Lube department for an oil change. The van really needed one. They changed the air filter, and told me there was some fluid leakage (probably something to do with the recall I got on the van last week. Need to contact the dealership to have it fixed.) I also got my hair cut.

I don't think I've been as dissatisfied with a cut as much as I am with this one. I had the majority of the length taken off, enough to donate to Locks Of Love once it dries. But the stylist gave me a "stack" cut, which is shorter in the back than it is up front. I thought the back was too short, and she didn't even up the sides, either. Probably would look better if the left side was as curly and fluffy as the right, but it isn't. The discrepancy is pretty obvious. I may go back and have her fix it. We'll see. At least it's only hair and it WILL grow back, even if I'm looking at 6-12 months for it to be long enough to cut again.

Well, I'm waiting for Hubby's call, though I may send the Girl out to fetch him. I feel like I've been in the car all day. And the doctor gave me a muscle relaxant and another script for naproxen for that pain in my side. I didn't mention the idea that I had about the kidney stone. He has also "prescribed" a pedicure.
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Gonna make this as quick and painless as possible.

Hubby: The meds seem to be kicking in. For a couple of mornings this week, he had good bg numbers. The dietician says he should take his bg before bed, and not before supper. That way they can see if the meds are working overnight. He's got an appointment for a diabetic nutrition seminar on Oct. 15. I'm going with him as I could use the refresher. He's found that some of the McDonald's around here serve diet Dr. Pepper, which has pleased him no end.

The Girl: She still needs to buy some books for her classes. She's finding her design class to be tougher than she thought. She's also reconnected with one of her friends from church (who no longer goes there either).

Boy #1: He's been asked to join the academic team; I tell him he should join because he's smart. He's decided to do NaNo this year; his English teacher requires that her students enter three writing contests during the year. She says NaNo will count for all three. I talked to her about it and about the YWP on Open House night. Who knows, maybe she'll join up, too. She also asked him how he could do so well in his classes (his progress report is all A's with just 1 B) when he reads so much.

Boy #2: He's back to afterschool stuff on Thursdays. Legos Robotics and Math Counts. They're planning on fielding a Robotics team this year; I can hardly wait to see how this goes. His progress report was good, too. He's only getting Bs in his Honors classes.

Me: I'm trying to get back into a lower-carb lifestyle myself, but it's hard. Writing is coming slowly, which isn't good as I'll want to pick up the pace for NaNo this year. Put up the next chapter of The White Winds last night. This story will be a good 300K when it's finally done. Let out a little squee when I got my 500th review! I'm going to try and wrap it up in October and get it out of my hair before NaNo I also need to work on my RP posts; that's my goal for today. 

Not much to say about the pets, except that Kami is doing things that both of our departed cats liked to do. She's killing snakes and trying to drink from the bathtub like Callie used to, and likes to come into the bathroom like Tika used to. Was quite the shock to find the present she left in the kitchen: a dead snake! Oh, and we lost one of the immortal striped danios. Down to two fish in the tank.

Rainy and cool today. Feels like fall. Wish it would stay this cool.

That's all for now. Over and out.

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The Girl graduated today in a smooth, respectful ceremony--much more respectful than her cousin's, where people were booted for loud, obnoxious shouting and sounding off air-horns while names were being called. She was easy to spot in the processional--my SIL had French-braided her hair and the braid went all the way to her butt. We made sure we were on the aisle she said she would come down so we could get pictures. She slipped me the money from her first art sale--the principal bought her horse picture for $100! So I guess that technically makes her a professional now! I'm so proud of her!

My bro took some pictures, and I took some with her camera. One of my bro's pictures is so good, I'll be using it as her official picture this year, and get it printed up for the relations. Here are a few that I took.
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When we got home, we had a fabulous dinner with BBQ chicken (requested by the graduate), corn on the cob, two kinds of macaroni salad (one with tuna and one with salmon), five-cup salad, and decorated wacky cake for dessert. It was really good and everyone pitched in to help

The boys are now also officially out of school for the summer and I think everyone will sleep in tomorrow--for a bit. The animals don't like to wait for walkies and breakfast.
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Just a quick update to say that my parents are in town and we'll be busy with them and the graduation. So I won't be online much for the next few days.

It's good to see them and visit with them.
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As a Fan History admin, I’ve been involved in editing the Russet Noon article, and have been talking with my family about the whole phenomenon – mostly about the copyright issues and the Peter David connection - through his satirical round-robin, Potato Moon. (Peter David is a household word of sorts as my husband remembers his work as a comic book writer, and we have some of his Star Trek novels, too.)

So, today the Girl, a Twilight fan, having heard from me about the latest brouhaha surrounding Lady Sybilla and Russet Noon (i.e. the press release), wanted to see the russetnoon.com website and see for herself what the fuss was all about. I pulled it up, vacated my chair, and went off to cook bacon for tonight’s supper.

I hadn’t finished frying the first few slices when my daughter came out to the kitchen, her hands balled up and an expression on her face that made her look as if she had been sucking limes (she’s rather fond of lemons).

“Ewwwwww!” she cried.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s that site! She (meaning Lady Sybilla) has Renesmee all wrong! Renesmee is a self-assured little girl at the end of Breaking Dawn. I don’t see why that should change!”

She shook her head. “I love Renesmee and Jacob to pieces, but if this is from Jacob’s point-of-view, why is it so much about Renesmee? It looks as if the whole book will be about her. And it sounds like she’s approaching Canon-Sue land.”

No sooner had she gone back into the living room, than her next youngest brother (also known as Boy #1, and also a Twilight fan) came in. His fists were balled up and he moved them like Wallace would – but instead of a look of delight on his face (as Wallace would have), he too looked as if he’d been sucking sour fruit – lemons, in his case.

“Ewwwwww!” he said, much as his sister had done. “This Russet Noon thing – it’s like combining sugar and honey in a bowl, then adding it to a combination of margarine, brown sugar and marshmallows in a saucepan. Then adding in some maple syrup and molasses, and dipping a sheet of paper in it and trying to read what is written on it.”

My son loves to cook, and experiment in the kitchen; honey is one of his favorite ingredients. He’d just used it in a loaf of fruit bread and it stuck the loaf to the pan. So I got his drift. He ended his impromptu recipe with, "Renesmee is not bored, and I sincerely doubt she has inadequacy issues.” (Yes, we talk like that in my house.)

I asked my youngest son if he’d read Twilight, and he said no. So, no comment from him.

Going by my own kids’ reaction, I’d say that Lady Sybilla doesn’t exactly have a hit on her hands – should she get past the copyright lawyers unscathed.

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Yeah, for the first time this winter, it's snowing here in SC. We've had rain for the past three days; good steady rain, the kind that soaks deep into the ground and sticks. Today, though some of that rain was mixed with sleet, leaving little grains of ice on our "new" side porch (the old fort from the backyard, almost gutted and moved to the side door). Then it began to mix with snow, and turn over to snow completely around 5 p.m.. So very good to see after such a snowless winter. We've even had thunder with this: thundersnow is pretty rare no matter where you go.

Looks like about an inch so far, with an accumlation of 3 to 6 inches possible by the time the storm pulls out - a least, that's what the weather authorities say. And since this is evening, and the temperature will only go down, it shouldn't melt right away, as it did for my friend from Alabama. She says that her snow is all gone. The kids are looking forward to having a day off from school. It's Hubby's first week of annual leave, so he doesn't have to worry about work at all.

Yikes! Something just hit the roof. The Girl is going out to check, taking Lacey out with her so the dog can do her business - if she will. Sometimes she's a really prissy dog about doing her business in the weather. She's been growling and giving little "woofs" at the kids next door playing in the snow. The noise of whatever it was scared Cotton, who hid under my desk. She has now come out and is watching the snow fall through my door. I offered to let her out, but she took a couple of sniffs and decided that warm and dry was better than cold and wet.

The Girl is back now; says she didn't see anything, even with a flashlight. Things that fall on the roof tend to sound louder than they should. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a clump of mistletoe from our oak tree.

I have to admit, I really miss the snow at times. But the fact that we don't have it very often makes it easier to appreciate when it does arrive.

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The kids had a great time over the weekend in NC. The boys both brought back bags of soggy clothes as they'd braved the camp's cold creek and gone tubing. The Girl said it was the most fun she'd had at that camp in the three or four times she'd been there. Boy #2 excitedly described his turn on the land trolley. Boy #1 brought back two stick bugs - he has a bug report due in mid-December (uh, science teacher? The bugs are dying off?).

I managed to hit 20K last night. It felt good, so good that 22.5 is my goal for today. I'm already nearly halfway there; my feet woke me in the wee hours and my mind - with the next scene from the story whirling through it - kept me awake until I got up, fired up the laptop, and wrote it down. I'm kind of concerned because though I'm racking up the word count, I'm not getting along with the plot. I've spent the past four chapters just introducing the characters, with a lot more exposition than I'd really like.  I need to get down to the nitty gritty of the plot - which at this rate, looks rather skimpy compared to the world building and the character introduction.

Write-in at Spill The Beans tonight. I've saved out a bit of money to buy something while I'm there; it's always good to patronize the places that provide the venue. We'll see how many turn up.

Need to get some lunch, and get on to writing!

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Yeah. The kids have all gone away for the weekend. Up to NC, to a good camp there. The Girl's friend invited them all - sort of under her siblings' names - and so they won't be back until Sunday sometime.

The house is very, very quiet, with the dog mourning her boy going away, and the Demon Cat deciding that I'm her surrogate mother (she's been doing this for a couple of weeks now, actually).

It might help me with my NaNo novel to have the quiet, though tomorrow I have a write-in, which will help even more.

Speaking of that, I'm looking for 15K today; just making the bare minimum will put me over. The story is flowing, but I'm sort of caught between delineating things too much, and not delineating things enough. And Siobhan is at the forefront right now. I need to catch the other characters and get their backgrounds filled out.

In another, totally unrelated note, the Girl's friend's father ran a write-in campaign for Soil and Water Conservation board, and won. This is cool, because he had a stroke a few weeks ago and is undergoing rehab. I'll be sure to have the local news on this evening; the NBC affiliate wanted to do an interview. Congrats, Dave!!

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The Girl got her beginner's permit today. She needed it by tomorrow for Driver's Ed, so when she got home from school, we boogied on up to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles so she could take the "Knowledge Test". I'd already printed out the necessary forms and had filled in (with typing where possible) the information. Before we left, we double-checked all the identification she had to bring with her: Social Security card, birth certificate, and proof of residency (in this case, her school ID card).

She had 22 minutes to take the test; she did it in 16. Missed 5 questions, which was good enough to pass. So now she has another picture ID (which looks pretty good) in her wallet. It's good for a year.

And, oddly enough, everybody at the DMV pronounced her name properly. The lady at the counter that we dealt with did mention she had to be careful to get the "unusual spellings" right, but that was all. (Her name was Ianthe.)

In other spheres, the RP is going great guns for a change. People are excited about it again, and we've even got a new player. We zipped through five days or so of game in the corresponding amount of real time, and are now working on the long-awaited Halloween party. Rain has done some art for various people (including a wonderful scene of my character dancing with her SO!) and I think is working on more. She also put up a really heartwrenching series of posts with her character visiting his mother's grave. Wonderful stuff!

The White Winds is calling me, and I worked on Overtures a little as well. Need to keep it up and get these stories finished!

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Yes, the kiddos started school today. Boy #1 had a half-day of freshman orientation yesterday, and Boy #2 got his books and schedule last night. He has at least two of his brother's former teachers, and the science teacher says he'll have to develop some sort of extra work for him since his science scores are through the roof. Boy #1 got only one of the Girl's old teachers, but he's one that will likely remember her.

We had almost the usual mix up with buses; Boy #2 got off just fine (a result of talking to the transportation people at the "Meet the teacher" thing last night), but the high schoolers didn't, resulting in my driving them to school. Fortunately, we were prepared, and I took the Hubby to work this morning. I told the two that they had to ride the bus home, and I have an email in to the transporation concerns people. Hopefully they'll get back to me today. 

Lacey's been whining off and on all day, missing the kids and wanting to go out and sniff around. No doing her business or anything, just the usual "Gotta see who's out there" stuff. Other than that, things have been very quiet. I expect Boy #2 to show up at any time now; then he can take the dog out.
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Well, it's been a weird day... and a good one in a lot of ways.

We've been thinking about a laptop for some time now, and with the vacation coming up, the Hubby had expressed the idea that he doesn't want to see me go through computer withdrawal. So, we've been checking out some options to see what we can get for the least amount of money. We checked on Tiger Direct and Dell, first, but what I wanted cost more than I really wanted to pay. My brother got his through a "rent-to-own" place, so we were thinking about that option - though we knew it would be a monthly bill we really couldn't afford (and we'd end up paying a whole lot more in the long run). This week, a liquidation "show" was advertising laptops from $199. So we thought we'd check out the options a little more. 

One of the rent-to-own places advertised some "cash and carry" computers with laptops starting at $299, so we went there. No laptops, just a desktop available. The liquidation "show" charged $5 to enter; with my kids it would have been $15. This was conspicuously left off their ads, on TV, radio, and online. It smacked of a scam to me, so we didn't go in.

We headed for Best Buy, stopping at the local computer repair and building spot to check their prices. Nothing appealed to me. In the car, we started talking about shoes, and how much the kids (and I) needed them. The road Best Buy is on was busy, so we took a sudden detour into a shoe store, where I found sneakers for all the kids (the Girl found her favorites, in her size, and on clearance! She bought two pair!!). Then we went to the New Balance store to order sneakers for me (I had a coupon!). 

Then... we stopped in at Circuit City. Why not? It was right next to the New Balance store. Just to look, mind you. I wasn't seriously considering buying there; really I wasn't. But I found a computer without a price on it... and when I asked one of the sales people, he said, "Oh, that's the $399 one."

Ears perked up. He went to get the sign that should have been there. The specs were good: 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HD... the things I wanted where there. A Compaq Presario. The deal was I pay the sale price and get over $200 in mail-in rebates. I talked to the kids... don't ever talk to the kids on a decision like this! They all said, go for it! In three-part harmony. With their own reasons (like two of them playing Runescape at the same time). So, I took a deep breath, and plunged in. 

It's sitting on a chair, charging the battery. Vista will take time to learn, but I'm insisting on a mouse. Those little track pads and I don't get along.

Then Hubby came home. He wasn't upset at all about the choice, as long as we could still go out to dinner for our anniversary. Which we did. The Melting Pot - very classy fondue place. I'd made reservations, and when we got there, they'd left a cute anniversary card at the table for us. The food - particularly the cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue - was wonderful! Well, except for the jerk-flavored steak - I didn't care for that much. I loved the Greek Goddess and the Ginger Pear dipping sauces! Very expensive meal; far more expensive than we're used to. But it was worth it for the togetherness, and time alone.

So, an unusual and expensive day!

The rebates go out in the morning...

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