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Thunderbirds fanfic, based on a prompt from Tumblr's writeworld community.

The first is a sort of bare bones bit of story; not complete as I wasn't sure how to end it. The second is longer, and though I still don't know whether or not Lady Penelope lives or dies, she at least has a bit of hope ... I think. I'm not posting this on fanfiction.net unless it turns out to be part of my current NaNo novel.

Consider this an introduction to my new archive and blog site, too. I'd love feedback on the site itself, if you care to give it. 
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Since Camp NaNoWriMo was such a bust for me (August is way busy at my house. Who knew?) I'm going to get myself back into the "writing daily routine" by doing a "drabble-a-day" challenge. If you want to join in, feel free. I'm using the traditional definition of a drabble: a story of exactly 100 words. I'm also trying to write fandom drabbles (mostly Thunderbirds as I know that best) using prompts from various sources -- particuarly [livejournal.com profile] all_unwritten. Not all their prompts are in their prompt list; however, I went through and copied the list to a file, adding the ones that weren't on there. If you want a copy, poke me via email and I'll send it along.

So far, I've written a very depressing drabble and added it to Mosaic. Today I wrote two, one because a bunny bit for a missing scenelet and the other because I'd depressed one of my readers with yesterday's drabble. If anyone could give me some beta/feedback on them, I'd be much obliged. [livejournal.com profile] thatgirlsix is currently swamped by real life (love, hugs, and prayers to you and yours, Six!) and [livejournal.com profile] funkycheese has started back to teaching. (Girlfriend, you really need to update that name!)

Well, the Hubby is on his way home in our cute little 2006 Chevy Aveo (the Girl's daily commute to university really underscored the need for a second car, one with way better gas mileage and fewer repair issues. Credit unions are simply awesome at this loan thing.) I'll post pictures of it when I can pry them out of the Girl's camera.

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I am of the opinion that we need a corrollary to Godwin's Law, one dealing with calling something the equivalent of 9/11. I just saw an eye-popping, eyebrow-raising example of it on ff.net, which underscored with many thick, dark lines the need for such an amendment.
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Okay, here's the scoop.

With the awesome betaing help of the amazing [livejournal.com profile] thatgirlsix I've been posting Moonstrike! to ff.net. So far, a whole chapter has disappeared, and other chapters have undergone (and will likely undergo) some big changes. Question is: how do I update it here? Do I start over again with a different tag? Do I gut the old posts and upload the new stuff? I'd rather not lose the comments, if that's possible. It's not a problem at dreamwidth as no one has commented there. I don't think it should be a problem at FanNation, either. I can just create a topic in the forums to explain the situation. But here, it's different. I'd like the old commenters to read it again as well as bring in the fresh and spiffy chapters.

So, what say ye? Start again or gut?
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Finally finished a bit of stuff that I didn't know was supposed to be part of Moonstrike! The more I post it at FanNation, the more I want to post it at ff.net. The files are there; I've uploaded them to ff.net to use their HTML capacity, which I've copied to FanNation as well as to my website files. I've had a couple of reviews, which have made me really happy (also got one for The White Winds today at FanNation - a bit of a shock, that!)

I just want this story to work, to be right, before I post it to ff.net. I want Rhea to be real, and to be part of the Tracy family without warping it too much. I've gone to the length of rewriting some of the family background, using ideas that aren't contradicted by canon (Jeff has siblings; Lucy has a part in planning IR before her death.) as well as bringing things out that are found in comics canon (John and Brains going to college together.) So far, I've got five chapters, and only one scene with Rhea!

So, I'm asking for feedback. The story allows for anonymous reviews, and you can find it here: Moonstrike! I'd post it here, but I've always found live journal awkward for just about anything other than short stuff. However, if people would like to see it here, I'm game to do it. I could also post it at devART for thems what wants it.

FanFiction.net is the site that gets the most traffic of all for Thunderbirds fanfiction. It's also the one glutted with the Tracy sister fics. As much as I crave the reviews, I want the story to be worth it.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...
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Been working on coding things for my personal fiction site. I’ve finished and posted Mosaic – though that will be updated when the muse strikes – and I’m working on The White Winds. There’s still lots to do, but I’m almost halfway through the chapter formatting. I’ve managed to get it down to a routine. Open the .txt files, put in the chapter coding snippet for each chapter. Scroll down and add the back and forward buttons snippet. Tweak them to the proper chapter numbers. Remove the “next time, next chapter” stuff and paste it in a .txt file. Scroll up; add new title and cut the teasers and disclaimer. Then save as a .shtml file. Leave them all open, find a scene divider and change it with the short horizontal line snippet. Copy that, and do a global replace on all open files. Do a preview skim to make sure things look right, then save and close all. Really, I just did about 15 chapters and it only took an hour or so.

Seriously, the biggest time eater is finding images for the splash pages and writing the foreword. On Mosaic, it took me beyond forever to figure out which screencaps to use (and I found I’d duplicated some from earlier stories), and then the free photos that spoke to the drabbles. For The White Winds, I’ve asked my daughter to update a piece of cast art that she’d done for me earlier. Her artwork has progressed soooo very far that she was embarrassed by the old stuff. Since I’m working so quickly on coding this, I should poke her about that piece.

I’m also trying to decide if I should add my two non-Thunderbirds one-shots to the One Shots book. I’ve done one for The Incredibles, and one for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My fanfiction is so heavily Thunderbirds-oriented, but these deserve a home, too. (They are posted on ff.net and on FanNation.) Tell me what you think about that.

In other writing news, I’ve pulled most of my work from Lunaescence Archives. I have several reasons for this. Things that were broken aren’t being fixed is one of them (thinking of forum registration here), but an increasing dissatisfaction with the way the archive is being run, and the ever-stronger skew toward anime and manga (and reader-insert) stories are probably stronger reasons. I’m sad about this, really; so many archives tend to go downhill once their owners are no longer involved in running and upgrading them. And now this has happened (IMHO) to Luna. (Yes, this puts me in mind of Thunderbirds Central, and parts of IR:TNP that need updating, too.)

As far as my personal “cyberstalker” (Lillehafrue’s term) is concerned, I haven’t heard from her again. Hopefully, I never will.

Back to the HTML editor, Batman!

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I nearly had a cow this morning when I noticed that I was given a link to the TV section from my movies section bookmark.

At first, I thought they'd just deleted everything in the movie section, but it turns out they moved all the movie-verse stories - including the crossovers - into the TV-verse section. (I hope they also marked them as being Movie-verse, using the World filter. Otherwise, some strictly TV-verse fans are not going to be happy.) It would have been nice to get some warning on this, but as long as they transferred everything, I can't squawk much.

But, now is the time to mark your stories with the world filter, especially if you're a TV-verse writer.

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When I went on the site today, I noticed that the ads, which I thought I'd banished with their Adblocker yesterday, were back. I activated their Adblocker again, and found out you can no longer get rid of them for three days at a time. Now it's down to just one day.

Do you think this little fact is on the homepage?

Nope. Not there. I think they don't want people to notice--though their customer base will realize the change soon enough.

It used to be that you could get a paid account at ff.net. I had one. For less than $20 a year, I had several perks (like traffic stats) and an Adblocker which worked for 30 days. Not just three, and certainly not a measly one. Then, little by little, the paid for perks were whittled away and offered to all and sundry. The paid for account became less and less appealing, then they dropped it entirely.

This just had to happen when I've been getting really irked by livejournal's interstitial ads. I have a plus account (I think that's what they call it), and while I don't mind the banner ads so much (after all, I knew they were going to be there when I signed up for this type of account), the interstitials take up the whole page and usually involve both video and sound. This can sometimes take my touchy sound card down. They also don't always disappear after you click on the "X". The picture might, but the sound remains. Whether or not this is a technical glitch, I'm not sure, but it's certainly a PITA.

If Fanfiction.net wasn't such a central, easy-to-use archive, and the main archive of my fandom, I'd probably not use it at all. I have most of my fics archived at both Lunaescence and FanNation, neither of which have these annoying ads. (I don't consider lj to be fanfic friendly; the only things I've posted here have been on drabble communities.)  I'm beginning to wonder if I should post any new stuff at one of the other places and link to my ff.net profile.

It might be a good thing for fanfiction.net to perhaps offer a paid subscription again--if they can come up with some perks that would make it worthwhile. It certainly could help their bottom line, and let the rest of the site go back to a three-day holiday from ads, instead of just one. The way things are going, though, their little Adblocker comment is becoming less and less true. Pretty soon, they'll be giving up that "compromise between showing ads to offset operating costs and crossing the line to the point of annoying our users." In fact. they might already have. 

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