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For some reason that I don't understand, I can't link up my Windows Live Writer with my dreamwidth account. I get a 401 Not Authorized error.

I guess I won't be posting any more here than I already do. ETA: I checked the FAQ and put what I thought was the proper blogger address thing in. (http://www.dreamwidth.org/interface/blogger) Still got an error. :shrugs:
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Title: Moonstrike!
Fandom: Classic Thunderbirds
Rating: 13+
Genres: Sci-Fi, Family, Action/Adventure, Drama, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Violence, Character death
Chapters: 1-??
Status: Work in Progress

Summary: It is the 2060s, and a line of rogue asteroids has entered our solar system, headed for the moon's surface and the colonies that have been planted there. A group of eco-terrorists is at work, blocking any attempt to save the colonists through misinformation, sabotage, and even murder. The only group with the resources to do the job is International Rescue. It will take all the ingenuity that IR can muster to save the colonies, and they in turn will rely on the support of the Tracy family's public venture... and of its CEO.

Disclaimer: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson created them; ITC/Granada owns them. I'm just writing about them.

Author's Notes: The great thing about Thunderbirds is that so little of the family's past is actually shown on screen. Most of what is considered "canon" is gleaned from "biographers" like John Peel, John Marriott and Chris Bentley, or even the comic book tale, "The Complete Thunderbirds Story". Quite a few of these "official" backgrounds even contradict each other, so a writer has a lot of freedom.

For example, there's nothing in canon that says Jeff is an only child, so in my story, I've given him siblings - and we'll meet them later on. For now, Madison is Jeff's older sister, and a good friend of Lucille's.

Comic book "canon" states that Lucille and Grant (Jeff's father) died in an avalanche, while Marriott states she died giving birth to Alan and Bentley sidesteps it a bit by saying she died shortly after Alan's birth. I'm mixing that up here: Grant still dies in an avalanche, but Lucille doesn't die until after Alan's birth. Again, this will come into play later.

What is truly different is Lucille having a part in planning for IR, as well as her family background. I've written a lot of backstory for this, but to keep the action going, I have to limit the amount I incorporate here. Maybe later I'll post the rest.

For the record, I have not read Joan Verba's 2010 book, Situation: Critical!, which – as I surmise from the blurb written about it – is about a similar situation: John Tracy finding a number of asteroids which come into our solar system from outside it, and that pose some danger which International Rescue must respond to. My story has been in the works since November 2007, and was written for that year's National Novel Writing Month. So neither of us have copied or plagiarized each other in any sense of the word.

I was going to wait until this was completely finished before I posted it, but, as you can see, it's been four years and I'm not done with it yet. So, I was using August's Camp NaNoWriMo as an impetus to finish it, and felt that posting it would also help me write what is left. Now Camp NaNoWriMo is over, and I seem to be on a roll.

This is a Tracy Sister fic, and one I hope will do justice not only to my OC, but to the Tracy family and International Rescue. Since fanfiction.net is glutted with these types of stories, I opted to post elsewhere, including dreamwidth, first.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank Susanmartha, Math Girl, lillehafrue, and artisticrainey for giving me feedback on this. Any spelling or grammar mistakes are all mine; please point them out so I can fix them. Constructive criticism is greatly desired and appreciated.


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Note: I never really intended to use my dreamwidth account much, if at all, and I'm very hesitant to post this. In my years at livejournal, I've felt there was a distinctly anti-Christian bias, especially in the fannish circles where I am usually found. And that such a bias has moved to dreamwidth with the exodus of fannish people. But this is an important issue to me, and I'm willing to step out on a limb with a public post in hopes of finding more resources here among the livejournal bloggers than have been found to date. There have got to be more Christians out there on livejournal and its clones whose voices should be heard on this particular matter.

I'm not sure how many on my f-list have heard about this (though if you're one of my Facebook friends, too, you certainly have). So, I'm making this public plea.

On February 6, 2010, a 7-year-old girl named Lydia Schatz was beaten to death by her parents. (see here) They were "disciplining" her over several hours for mispronouncing a word during a homeschool reading session. The beating, done with a length of 1/4" plastic plumbing line, seems to have caused tissue breakdown so massive that Lydia's vital organs could no longer function. Her 11-year-old sister, Zariah, was hospitalized with kidney failure due to a similar beating. She has since recovered. Lydia, Zariah, and a 3 year old were adopted from Liberia, bringing the number of the Schatz family's children to 9. A 10-year-old boy was also found with similar marks on him. Their parents have been arrested and charged with murder and torture. The children are all in foster care.

The Schatzes followed the child rearing advice of Michael and Debi Pearl, whose book, To Train Up A Child, and whose ministry/website No Greater Joy*, advocates using that same piece of plastic plumbing as a means of "disciplining" a child. My own views on the subject have been voiced by many others, and with far more convincing arguments than I can muster up (mostly because I refuse to read the Pearls' crap for myself. I had my own issues with a similar author named Gary Ezzo).

Tulipgirl, a blogger off livejournal, has a long list of people/blogs speaking out against this horrible situation and the materials that spawned it. You can find her list here. On her link list, I've found only one livejournal and/or clone blog entry. So, I'm looking for two things: entries speaking out about this from livejournal/insanejournal/dreamwidth, and Facebook groups (other social network entities will work, too, if there are any to be had).

Two caveats: one, they must be relatively respectful and thoughtful in tone and two, no major Christian bashing. The Pearls are widely touted in Christian circles (especially Christian homeschooling circles) as they claim to have the corner on "God's way of parenting". For the majority of their followers to be convinced of the Pearls' true nature, they can't be put on the defensive. They will immediately dismiss any attempt at painting the Christian community as "wacko" or "cruel", seeing it as having a "liberal" and "ungodly" slant. What the Pearls teach is wacko and cruel, but they've packaged it up with twisted Scripture and folksy-sounding wisdom (there are also a few good child-rearing nuggets in there, too, I'm told, but in this case, the bad far outweighs the good). Remember that most Christian parents who use the Pearls' methods are looking to do what is best for their children, academically, physically, and spiritually, with the spiritual sometimes trumping the other two. Hearing from other Christian homeschoolers would be ideal, especially those who have looked at or tried the Pearls' methods and found them lacking.

So, if you've seen anything out there that fits the bill, or you are moved to write something yourself, please let me know. I can pass the links on to Tulipgirl, who is trying to keep up a comprehensive list. Feel free to repost this wherever you think it will do any good. If you're going to write something, please make sure you get your facts straight. There has been a lot of misinformation out there.

My dw is usually friends-only, and I'm screening comments as usual. Remember, I'm looking for resources, not rants.


*I won't link to the Pearls' site. Plenty of others have, and they are easy to Google.

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Basically, I'm here to help out with fandomnews as the need arises. My main journal is at livejournal, and if I'm going to be mirroring anywhere else, it will be on my Windows live space (which has been sorely neglected). Thanks to purplepopple for the invite code!