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ITV has a approved a Thunderbirds show, entitled "Thunderbirds Are Go!". It'll be produced by NZ's Pukeko Films and the special effects will come from the WETA Workshop. I've heard that the co-owner of Pukeko Films and WETA Workshop, Richard Taylor, is a really big fan of Thunderbirds in the first place. My main concern is that the shows will be only 30 minutes long; Sir Lew Grade's inistence that Thunderbirds be an hour long is partly what made it so successful.

It's scheduled for 2015, which means there'll be plenty of time for the fans to stew and nitpick (because you know they will!).
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My hubby gave me the entire DVD series of A&E's A Nero Wolfe Mystery show for Christmas. He got the idea that we should watch them in the chronological order set out in the books. It's interesting, because the series pilot, The Golden Spiders, takes place well into the story chronology. I could see the differences, not only in the sets, but in the way Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin portrayed the characters. (Not to mention that the pilot had Saul Rubinek as Saul Panzer. He later played Lon Cohen--being replaced by a more interesting Saul Panzer in Conrad Dunn.) I think they got the roles down more after the pilot.

The first we watched was Over My Dead Body, and the last will be Death of a Doxy. The kids are really enjoying this, and so are we. We'd taken the DVDs out of the library before, but having them all here for as long as we want them is great. We've been watching them roughly one per night, and more on the weekends. Still have quite a few to go.

We've also been listening to readings of Elizabeth Peters's Amelia Peabody books. We listen to the tapes or CDs from the library during  dinner.  (Have I told you all that we have the most awesome library system?) It's a tradition we started a few years ago with old radio shows like Superman or I Love A Mystery. We've had the first three books out and are working on the fifth book (we think).  Very fun, and a way to bring the family together and keep us at the table longer.

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